Tips for Making the Most of This Summer

Doing charity work out in the sun
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Most people will tell you that summer is a time for enjoying the outdoors, spending time with friends and family, and relaxing. Savvy small business owners know that there is so much more to take advantage of during this treasured time. Whether you’re thinking of expanding your business or using the slower pace to play catch-up, summer provides opportunities far beyond taking a trip to the beach. As the summer officially kicks off, we wanted to share a few things your business should consider to make the most of this season.

Special Offers

Warm and sunny weather draws people out during the summer, and as a result, those people are spending more money. Special offers are likely to draw in more business and entice those customers to return in the future. Focus your offers around what’s important to your customers and remember to highlight certain holidays, like the 4th of July or Labor Day.

Meet Your Customers Where They Are

It’s not enough just to create special promotions and hang signs in your place of business to attract new and returning customers. To really draw a crowd, think about where your customers will be this summer and greet them there with flyers, advertisements, and handouts. This might include stores near a beach, in a program at a concert venue, or on a community board at the local ice cream shop. While it’s important to be active digitally and on social media, in-person connections still hold a lot of meaning for many.

Give Back

At Direct Capital, Give is one of our Core Values that we celebrate all year long, but summer is an especially good time to get involved in a local charity. Whether some of your employees are able to volunteer time for an organization, or you decide to donate proceeds from your sales to a special cause, charitable work can help a business increase its visibility and impact in the community. For example, we hold an annual event every June for one of our favorite charities, the New Hampshire Food Bank, and divide into teams to package macaroni and cheese as quickly as possible. It’s a lot of fun to have some internal competition and makes a big difference for combatting hunger within our community.

Update Business/Marketing Plans

For many businesses, summer is a slow season, so it’s the perfect time to prepare for the second half of the year. Take some time to evaluate all the work completed from January through May, and identify where processes need to be improved or additional plans need to be implemented. Consider creating a new marketing strategy or tweaking your business plan to meet the shifting needs in the market. Catch up on your paperwork and create a clean slate for the fall.

Take Time Off

School’s out and the weather is perfect, so it’s no surprise that a vacation is on your wish list. As a small business owner, it can be hard to find time to relax, but it’s important to recharge so you are bringing your best to work each day. Pick a few days to unwind, but make sure your staff is notified well in advance so they are prepared to handle any challenge that pops up while you are out.

The summer can be both a fun and stressful time for small business owners. Remember to take advantage of the season for all its opportunities and you’re bound for success!