Direct Capital’s 2017 Big Game Predictions

Reading Time: 2 minutes

The hard working employees of Direct Capital have come together to tell you our thoughts on the big game this Sunday. You may not be surprised to find that majority are Patriots fans, but keep reading below for some fun thoughts and predictions.


1. Who do you think will win the big game this Sunday?

Employees answered 89.7% in favor of the Patriots. Don’t worry Falcon fans- about 7.1% of Direct Capital is representing your team which, in this territory, is more than we expected.


2. What will the final score be?

Here are the top 10 responses:

This question had over 104 unique responses. People got creative, and our fan favorite responses included “100000000 million billion to -89.734,” “Steelers 17 Patriots 36,” and “762,000.” Well played, team.


3. What’s the best part of the big game?

This question shows how many football fans there really are here at DCC. The game was the #1 leading answer to this question, with “Every single second” coming in at #2.


4. Who will be the MVP?

Our fourth question (who will be the MVP?) had 108 responses favoring Tom Brady (including BRADDDYYY, TB12, Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr., Golden Boy, and Tom Brady… obviously). Matt Ryan came in second place with 10 votes and Julian Edelman came in third place with 7 votes. The best responses for this question include: Lady Gaga, Princess Snowflake of Feather Mountain, Bill Belichick, and a big bowl of chips.


5. Will Lady GaGa sing Edge of Glory?

There’s no doubt that the halftime show will be an interesting one this year, and DCC employees favored the odds that Lady Gaga will sing her hit “Edge of Glory”.


6. Any other fun predictions for the game?

We expected a wild card of answers for this question, and we weren’t disappointed. Check out the best of the best:


Thanks to all of our employees that contributed to this survey, and let’s go Pats!