A Look At Small Businesses During National Small Business Week

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Yesterday officially marked the beginning of the annual National Small Business Week across the United States, and it came at a time when small businesses are gearing up for a healthy and busy summer.

But what does that mean?

Here at Direct Capital, we take pride in truly helping our small business owners develop, grow and succeed. One of the ways we gauge how we can help is through an annual survey we invite our customers to participate in., This survey allows us to know exactly what our customers are thinking, feeling and how that turns into action. Take a look at the results below and see where you fit in.

The outlook is good and spirits are high as 93% of small business owners are expecting to grow this year. Whether it is in profit, headcount, or otherwise, small business owners are excited about the future of their businesses.

In a fast and growing environment, it’s important for any business owner to be able to keep up with supply, demand, assets and everything else that comes with his or her business. 70% of those surveyed plan on investing in new equipment this year – this doesn’t come as a huge surprise because most owners know if the equipment is run down, inefficient or on its way out, profit and business suffers.

59% of those surveyed said they plan to invest anywhere up to $50,000 in their business this year, while 41% said $50K-$100K+ is more like it. Depending on where you are in your business journey, these numbers can look a little daunting and even scary. But, the numbers aren’t as important as the implication to invest. Investing in your business now seems to be the consensus across the board.

But how do you get there?

There are products and lenders out there who specialize in small business lending – Direct Capital is one of them. Finding someone you can turn to for help with an increased need for inventory, a new stove for your restaurant, or a new-to-you piece of heavy equipment is paramount for growth and success.

Take some time during this National Small Business Week to evaluate where you are this year and where you want to be. Whether you are just taking baby steps and updating marketing collateral or doing a full remodel, Direct Capital wishes you the best of luck heading into the rest of the year.