5 Tips on Preparing for Small Business Saturday

small business owner
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Small Business Saturday is almost here, and we want you to make the most of your day! That’s why we’ve provided some last-minute tips to help you have a successful Small Biz Saturday.

Create deals and discounts

Consider what deals you can offer your customers. Do you have some product you need to push? Maybe there’s a unique, high-demand product that you offer? Incentivizing your products through deals and discounts will definitely encourage more interest from consumers.

Market your deals

After you’ve identified deals and discounts that you can offer, make sure your customers know about those deals. Promote your discounts via email, social networks, and in-store signage. Don’t be afraid to mention the specifics of the deals. This will entice customers, especially if they’re looking for a particular product. If you need some signage or are interested in having branded Small Business Saturday material, check out this link for social graphics and printable signage: http://www.shopsmall.com/

Team up with your community

Have you checked out what’s happening in your community? Are you located near other small businesses? Band together with other small businesses and your community to generate even more traffic and interest. Some towns have special events surrounding Small Business Saturday, like pancake breakfasts or festivals. Check out what your town or city is doing and join in! If your city or town doesn’t have anything planned, see if you can start an event and ask other small business owners to join in.

Prepare your store

After you’ve created deals, promoted those deals, and banded together with your community, now is the perfect time to start preparing your store. Hang up the signage promoting your deals, decorate your store for the season, and make sure everything is organized and in tip-top shape. Consider creating a little extra space for foot traffic or longer lines for the register.

Prepare your employees

Finally, hold a quick meeting to stress the importance of Small Business Saturday and top-notch customer service. This step especially will help you convert first-time shoppers into loyal customers. It’s a stressful time of year, but if your employees give the highest caliber of customer service, you’ll certainly win more business in the long run.