3 Obstacles Small Business Owners Face- and How to Crush Them

Business woman struggling with lots of stuff in her hands
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Small businesses and small business owners face a multitude of issues when managing their affairs. Issues can easily range from work life balance to money management and even to staying up on industry standards. We want all small business owners to feel happy and balanced in all areas. So let’s go over some ways to crush those obstacles.

Over working yourself
Small business owners are natural leaders and go-getters. We all know hard work goes a long way, and small business owners are a prime example of that. However, over time, it’s easy to take on too much and feel overwhelmed. If you’re starting to feel those late hours, think about some options that can help alleviate some of the work load. Focus on your strong suits and supplement your business in your weaker areas. Consider using apps for customer service or financial management, that way you can enjoy invaluable family moments or extra personal time.

Keeping up with Competitors
Day-to-day operations take up a lot of small business owners’ time and attention. A major obstacle that can arise from this is not taking time to research what’s happening with your competition or the marketplace. In this day and age, social media is an incredibly powerful tool and can help combat this. Set up Google alerts or follow Twitter hash tags to stay informed. An even better resource is attending tradeshows or conferences. While they do take time away from being in the office, they allow for crucial time with your target clients face-to-face.

Consistent Money Flow
Cash flow can be another common obstacle that small businesses face. From receiving delayed payments from clients, to incurring unexpected expenses, it’s difficult to predict monthly balances. Fortunately, there are resources owners can use to navigate money issues. There are cash management apps that can assist in budgeting, automatic bill pay, and invoicing. Don’t forget- Direct Capital can help too!

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