You’ve Got Mail—And Loyalty

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Courtesy of our hoser friends north of the border comes this NEBS Marketing report linking e-mails and quality customer retention efforts. Give it a read, eh?

The recent report found evidence that when it comes to e-mail marketing campaigns, a focus on existing loyal customers is far more effective than blasting a wide consumer base. It’s not a stunning revelation, but it’s one worth remembering as you gear up marketing campaigns heading into the spring season.

Experian found that “brand enthusiasts” are 40 percent more likely to open promotional materials sent by companies they actively enjoy, and will go beyond the mail to the company’s website more than 20 percent of the time.  If your products can be sold or accessed online, that’s an inevitable bump up in revenue. Self-described company loyalists also had a 30 percent higher transaction rate at 10 percent higher revenue per message than those the company has had little or no contact with.

That’s the kind of information that makes you want to cultivate loyal customers, isn’t it? One member of Experian’s marketing staff certainly thinks so:

“Knowing which customers have a propensity to be loyal brand advocates is critical to every business today,” said Rachel Bergman, senior vice president and general manager of Experian CheetahMail, a part of Experian Marketing Services. “Given the highly competitive nature of the industry, marketers that engage customers with programs that motivate and reward loyalty will yield significant returns.”

Let us know if your experiences match Experian’s study.

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