Your March 9 Edition Of Small Business Today

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At least once a week, we’ll deliver a roundup of small business news from around the nation.

Health Care Repeal

Wonder how many small businesses want to repeal the sweeping health care bill passed by Congress and President Barack Obama? Small Business Trends did, and they sought to find out.

Among your smallest businesses, a study found that 62 percent of those with 3-5 employees favored repeal and 49 percent of those with one employee favored it. Those who favored a repeal also tended to be male and owners of more successful small businesses. It’s an interesting read.

Small Business Optimism Up

The fortunes of small businesses nationwide seems to depend on who you ask, but hey, who doesn’t love some good news?

Bloomberg passes along a National Federation of Independent Business “optimism index,” which rose to its highest level since right before the U.S. economic recession hit. That’s a sign of a better environment, even if only slightly so, and also the growing enthusiasm in the small business sector. Again, there’s no consensus out there, but the fact that a growing number of businesses are so encouraged is….well, encouraging.

Starting A Small Business, Via Video

Via the generically-named Online Marketing Blog comes this video of Cameron Johnson talking about starting up a new business. If you’ve ever thought you couldn’t manage your own firm, watching this kid talk about pulling down $15,000 a day as a 15-year-old will make you want to do so just out of spite.

Very informative video, though. Highly recommend that you check it out.

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