Your Feb. 23 Edition Of Small Business Today

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At least once a week, we’ll deliver a roundup of small business news from around the nation.

President Obama Talks Small Business Innovation

The president spent yesterday at a forum with more than 100 small businesses in northern Ohio, according to the Los Angeles Times. The topic of the day was innovation, and came as Obama is trying to sell Congress on the concept of increasing spending on technology and education.

Boulder, Colorado was named as one of the next sites for a small business roundtable, according to The Denver Post.

Legislation Targets Aid To Colorado Businesses

Speaking of the Rocky Mountain State, there’s legislation pending there that would kick-start capital funds that could have a direct benefit to small businesses statewide. Not every state has the ability to do so, but you can bet eyes around the nation will be on whether this initiative is successful, should it hurdle the Legislature.’s Denver page seems optimistic.

New Jersey Eyeing Tax Cuts

The Wall Street Journal reports that New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s proposed budget contains some $200 million in tax cuts for small businesses. Christie has a reputation as a tax cutter, and the proposed budget is targeting the creation of some breathing room for the economic engine of his state.

Small Businesses Taking Out Loans Again

With the economy bouncing back, it shouldn’t be a surprise that more and more small and mid-sized companies are seeking out loans. The Associated Press hopes that’s a sign of growth in the market.

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