Wise Words And Cleaning Up: A September 1 Small Biz Roundup

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Once a week, PointBlank will deliver a roundup of small business news and advice from around the nation.

When Clichés Really Work

Okay, this isn’t straight news, but it’s assuming and thought-provoking. In the long run, that’s just as valuable.

Small Business News Daily tackles some of the great old saws that apply to today’s small business environment. There’s some classics in here, stuff you and I heard as children from countless adults. Like, I dunno, this one:

Slow and steady wins the race. That proverbial tortoise was no dummy. Being first to market may be good some of the time, but often the advantage goes to the company that hangs back, learns from the speedy hare’s mistakes and then seizes the right moment to improve upon the original. Being first isn’t nearly as important as being best. Just ask MySpace.

My parents used that one on me to try to keep from getting ice cream headaches. Your business can probably use it for something more productive, like not rushing headlong into an untenable business proposition.

Share your awesome sayings in the comments, please.

Cleaning Up After A Hurricane

If your business is in southern Vermont, you’re probably going to work in a scuba suit. Ouch.

The Daily Dose blog has a nice look at how your business can and should deal with the aftermath of a natural disaster, by highlighting the mistakes many owners make. That includes not having a plan, not having pictures of your office so you can file an insurance claim on stuff you’ve lost, and more. A worthy read, to say the least.

Oh, and I’ll add my own piece of advice: Have your office on top of a mountain. Hurricanes don’t do well up there.

Customer Complaints Are Changing

BizEngine has an insightful look—or so I think—into how customer complaints are changing. You can no longer expect to have first crack at resolving their problem, not with so many online forums and social media platforms for them to air their grievances. Give it a read to help your small business craft a strategy.

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