Why You Should Get a Business Loan from an Online Lender

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At Direct Capital, we might be a little biased. Online lending is the name of our game so we want you – a small business owner who has a need for financing – to get on board, too.

But it’s not just for our benefit. We know we’re great at what we do – providing excellent customer service and a speedy finance application – but we want you to make the best choice for your business. That’s why we think you should consider choosing an online lender.

  1. Industry knowledge: It takes a lot to create an easy e-commerce experience for something as complex as financing. Online lenders, therefore, have to understand specific business and industry needs in order to create a platform that will work across the board. You can trust that when you work with an online lender (like Direct Capital) you will be teaming up with a company that just gets you.
  2. Fewer steps: Thinking big picture, what is the point of the internet? Convenience, right? Making it so people everywhere have easy access to information. Online lenders with digital finance applications keep that in mind. They make the entire process as easy as possible, eliminating any unnecessary steps (like walking into a branch, for example), so you can get your funds quicker than ever before.
  3. More leeway: You aren’t going to get a loan without proving you have the means to pay it back – that’s just reality. However, online lenders are more lenient when it comes to credit requirements and won’t necessarily deny you for a subpar credit score.
  4. Less interaction: Business owners are busy and don’t always have a lot of time for back and forth chatter with a sales rep. The ability to apply online gives you the choice. Most, if not all, online lenders will have reps available to help with any part of the process that you need, but if you prefer it all to be done digitally, that’s usually an option as well.
  5. Constant evolution: The only direction the online lending industry is heading is up. As technology evolves and gets better, customer experiences will only improve as a result. Direct Capital is constantly innovating to make our online lending experience as seamless and quick as possible, and we’re sure it’s just going to get even better from here.

Small businesses are accessing capital at a higher rate than ever before, and we think that’s due in part to online lenders like us. We want you to have the best experience possible while getting the capital you need to run your business.

Visit our website to get started using our online lending platform or give us a call at 866-777-0117 for more information!

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