Why to Run a Blog for your Business

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Some may believe that sales and marketing are synonyms that go hand-in-hand. If so, there may be more to this. Marketing is how you, as a business, find your customers while positioning your product to them. Sales, on the other hand, is the process of getting those customers to make a purchase.

If you are looking to create a blog to generate sales, you’re doing it wrong. Instead, it’s an area where you can find out who your customers are. That’s why blogging for your business comes in handy as a useful marketing tool. Here’s how to utilize that blog effectively:

Should your business start a blog?
The answer is really simple…Yes. Your website is more likely to appear higher in the search results if you have a blog that is maintained. Why is this important? Well think about it: If you’re searching for something, how likely are you going to visit the second page of the search results? The more traffic your blog gets, the more people that are engaging, and the more posts are shared; the more people will be able to find your business and brand through the blog.

What your posts should be about.
Start it off nice and simple. Write about your business of course. Once you’ve created an introduction, write about your customer base and the products you offer to them. Also, don’t be afraid to write about success and failure and how you were able to move the company forward. Create posts that are personal stories about your business, this can boost your brand to become more relatable and genuine.

Blog whenever you can.
You should never stress yourself out when it comes to writing blog posts. Start somewhere. Go from once a month, to once a week, to once a day. Writers block will happen, but it’s okay because it happens to the best of us. Also, the more you write the more fluid your writing will become.

Give insights.
Use your posts to share information with your readers. Make information easily accessible for them, which they will find helpful. If you keep posting information like this, you’ll be able to create a following on your blog, which can then convert to a following of your business, leading to customer loyalty. Your brand will be on the front of their mind whenever there’s a need for the product(s) you offer. Even though they might not be ready to make a purchase at that time, if they find the information to be credible, they can share it and have the potential to onboard other readers and customers down the road.

The internet is the hub for information.
Despite popular belief (or more like my mom’s belief) the sole purpose of the internet is not for buying things. Users don’t hop online solely to make a purchase, but rather to gain information. See that your blog is offering relevant information that your followers want to consume.

Last but not least, it’s great to have readers subscribe to your blog post. It’ll keep your readers up to date with helpful information you are posting.

After all, you should subscribe to blogs as well to help gain insight and ideas for your posts. So go ahead, subscribe to our blog and get updated whenever we post helpful information whether it’s business insights, or helpful tips.