Why Laughter Really is the Best Medicine

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Dwight D. Eisenhower once said: “A sense of humor is part of the art of leadership, of getting along with people, of getting things done.” Working in an environment that encourages humor makes the work culture more fun. People being open with tasteful humor in the workplace can help a business flourish. Here at Direct Capital, one of our core values is: Enjoy the Ride and here are ten reasons why we do so:

  1. Humor destroys stress. Laughing creates a cognitive shift of stressors in the body.
  2. People will want to work with you. Working with someone with a happy mentality makes the day go by quicker.
  3. Puts others at ease. When conflicts arise laughter is a great tool for easing tension.
  4. It’s humanizing. With the proper use of humor, all sides can seek common ground.
  5. It activates creative thinking. Studies show that humor is a major factor in creative thinking. The left hemisphere sets up the joke, and the right hemisphere helps the brain get the joke. With the right hemisphere working, you can continue to analyze clearly since it’s all warmed up.
  6. It helps build trust. When your humor is used, your true colors come out which shows your authenticity.
  7. Raises morale. Negativity can be lowered at work through humor. This causes employees to laugh and have fun.
  8. Your approachability is through the roof. Open and honest people will often be surrounded by people with the same characteristics.
  9. Stand apart from the rest. Your company can stand out by leveraging brand loyalty through humor. I know a brand that does this well is All State Insurance’s Mayhem Character. This campaign brought humor to life-changing events.
  10. Productivity will skyrocket. Idea sharing and up beat cultures are created which will bust the productivity doors open of your business.

Here at Direct Capital, we know how to get the humor flowing. Laughing helps us Crush Obstacles, relax and Enjoy the Ride. What methods do you use at work? Leave a comment or connect with us on Twitter (@DirectCapital).

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