Why Customer Service is One of the Hardest, Most Important Jobs

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In a business, you may think the one and only important person is the President or CEO of the company. But you are forgetting about some crucial members of the team; the ones that keep problems at bay and your customers satisfied. Any guesses? That’s right… your customer service representatives.

These agents of greatness have the power to influence the customers’ mood and experience on a daily basis. Customer service reps represent your company in the best light, ranging from putting out fires to creating meaningful, long-lasting connections.

Here at Direct Capital, we believe that this elite taskforce needs to have time and resources invested in them. The last thing we want is to see a bad rating about your company from one bad customer service call. With that being said, here are some key ways to empower your Customer Service Representatives:

  • Tell them to show their personalities. Every other month, some new advancement in technology comes out. This allows brands to connect efficiently with their client base. However, robot-like responses don’t react well with customers. Having a human voice is essential for customer care in this day and age. Allow your reps to let their personalities and strengths course through the phone during interactions with your customers. This helps create trust and make the entire interaction enjoyable.
  • Keep them sharp. Your taskforce needs access to proper resources, tools, and training to Make Every Customer Experience Remarkable. You don’t want them wasting time on outdated systems. Give your reps the right tools so they can quickly access the information they need to help your customers.
  • Connect them with a goal. Have a structured approach when training and coaching your customer service team to ensure everyone is one the same page. This allows your business’ brand messaging to be effectively communicated. Regardless of the title on your LinkedIn account, every employee should be well familiar with the strategy of your customer interaction.
  • Find out what makes them happiest. Have a one-on-one with your highest performing rep and find out what makes them succeed. Once you’ve tapped into it, try to disperse that knowledge to the rest of your team. Working is necessary for most, but the members of your A-Team are the ones who enjoy being there. Find out why that is and be sure to make them feel valued.

If you do a great job of training and empowering your Customer Service Representatives, your taskforce will take pride in what they do. This results in happier employees which leads to happier customers.

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Why Customer Service is One of the Hardest, Most Important Jobs CTA