Why Automation is Important to Your Business and Your Customers

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At Direct Capital, our dedicated manufacturing account team routinely interfaces with manufacturing equipment vendors from all over the country, helping them to provide great financing options for their customers.  It’s this firsthand knowledge, from constantly being in the trenches with our customers, that allows us to stay on top of the biggest trends in the industry.

According to the Institute of Supply Management, U.S manufacturing numbers have increased month over month for the last 30 months.  And, experts predict that both the technology sector and the manufacturing equipment industry will continue to grow and see record growth in the coming years, with a growing focus on quality management, consistency, and leaner and cleaner operations.  So, with this in mind, it’s no surprise that many businesses are seeking out vendors that can provide machine tools to help automate their processes.

Automation seems to make perfect sense for any business with a focus on production, as it not only creates huge efficiencies in production, it will nearly eliminate the possibility of human error too.  It doesn’t have to be a huge overhaul of your entire production line or process either, sometimes just automating one section or part of the process can mean big time increases in productivity.

Be sure to download our eBook, “The Future of Automation in Manufacturing” for more information on how automation in manufacturing could benefit your business and your customers.  Inside the eBook you’ll find:

  • Why automation is important
  • The benefits of automation machinery on productivity and bottom line
  • The different types of automation
  • The evolution of industrial automation
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Do you use automation in your business?