Who Are Vendors Selling To? Direct Capital Recently Found Out

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Recently at Direct Capital, we had the chance to survey a cross-section of vendors on a variety of topics. We’ll have a whole series on the the results in the weeks ahead.

We’re back with another update from the world of vendors. Quick hit for this afternoon, for those of you that like a little light reading.

We asked vendors whether they sold to businesses, consumers, or both in the last category. I lobbied for an “other,” in case vendors are selling to aliens or something, but I don’t win them all.

Anyway, the results came in, and here they are:

  • Businesses, 59%
  • Consumers, 1%
  • Both, 40%

What you can take away from this is pretty simple: Most vendors deal with businesses. A very, very small percentage deal with consumers and only consumers, which makes a lot of sense when you consider the volume many vendors trade in. A bigger percentage than I would have expected do business with both. So now you know!

Who does your business market to? Let us know!

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