When Brackets Go Awry: Our Blogger’s Tale Of Woe

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Blogger Dave Choate took his best shot at a bracket for the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament. For the remainder of the tournament, he will be making fun of his pitiful prognostication skills.

When I left the building yesterday, I was 4-2 in my picks. I was delighted. Vanderbilt, who I had going to the Sweet 16, was winning. There was a song in my heart, laughter on the wind and all the world was made of rainbows and puppies.

I should have known that couldn’t last.

Within five minutes of getting home, I was watching Vanderbilt drop their game to Richmond. My upset pick of Bucknell exploded. Ditto Utah State. The one lower seed I didn’t pick in the late games, Gonzaga, beat St. John’s.

Worst of all, my borderline moronic pick of Wofford for the Final Four turned out to be less Cinderella and more smashed pumpkin, as they lost by eight points to Brigham Young. I have no defense for picking Wofford other than a gut feeling, and clearly I should let my brain do my thinking instead of the part of my body that’s constantly asking for bacon cheeseburgers. The lower right-hand side of my bracket is now mostly crossed out, with Wofford dead all the way to the Final Four and Utah State letting me down for picking them into the Sweet 16. Screw you, Southeast Division!

The good news? Both UCLA and Florida won, as well as Temple, San Diego State, Kentucky and Wisconsin. I’m now 8-7, barely treading water, but still not as awful as I usually am. That gives me some hope that I’ll walk out of this ordeal with some dignity.

How’s your bracket doing, gentle readers?


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