What’s Your Web Site Worth? Find Out!

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Have you ever wanted to assign a dollar value to your website? Here’s one way to do so!

The caveat here is that like many other sites that calculate this sort of thing, Worth of Web does not explain its methodology. By punching in our own Direct Capital site, I found that it’s examining visits, pageviews and revenues, but it’s unclear what sort of dark magic they’re using to come up with those figures. For now, we’ll just roll with it.

The value for your business with sites like World of Web is the sense it will give you of how many eyeballs you’re getting on your site and what kind of clicks and impressions you’re getting from there. Just don’t expect anything more than a rough picture and you’ll be fine, and expect the site to give you an unexpectedly low value since it’s based off of page views.

Any tool that can help you measure how your site is doing at drawing in readers and revenues is critically important, so you’ll want to strap this particular hammer into your belt, so to speak . It helps that it’s free, as well.

What’s your impression of Worth of Web?


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