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Five Fast Food Trends For 2011

What changed in 2011? If we’re talking about fast food franchises, a lot.

Fast Casual has five trends that mattered to the industry in 2011 and likely will continue to matter in 2012. One of the most interesting is the international explosion enjoyed by franchises like Subway and McDonald’s, one driven by an increasing demand for cheap, filling food the world over. The American palette is becoming the international palette.

Also important was the increasing focus on children’s nutrition and nutrition in general. Restaurants began to roll out healthier menu items and options aimed at getting kids to forgo some of the salt and fat that’s a mainstay at many chains, and while it’s a slow process, it appears to be gaining ground.

Be sure to read the whole article and reflect on the 2011 that was.

Domino’s CEO Named Nation’s Best

Patrick Doyle was just named the CEO of the year by CNBC, and it’s a well-deserved honor.

Few CEOs have the impact that Doyle had in 2011. He led the extremely successful marketing effort that transformed the way Domino’s was perceived in the larger public. He was willing to tinker with the Domino’s formula and come up with new takes on the company’s familiar food. And he did it with a deft touch that allowed him to greatly reduce the company’s debt. In short, he took a moribund pizza company and made it back into a national powerhouse in very little time.

You can’t ignore the contributions of everyone in the company, and it was a daring effort all the way around. But when leaders are good, they raise the game of everyone around them, and Doyle’s willingness to take these drastic changes on his shoulders was admirable. The fact that they succeed so spectacularly in a slowly recovering economy made him an easy choice.

Do you have a different nomination?

What’s Your Resolution?

With the New Year coming right up, we asked small businesses to share their resolutions. Share yours!

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