What’s Trending?….Your Small Business Loan!

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Get Everything Your Business Needs

When it comes to the success of your small business, do you know all the options you have in order to ensure its success? Always consider the future of your business, rather than just the now!

Well, for starters, always consider a small business loan as an option, one that will put your company in a position to earn higher revenue. Now, you have options, you can go to your local bank, an SBA loan or even use a credit card for your advancement. The Small Business Administration option is more of a facilitator in the process of getting a loan from a third party lender.

While each of these options might be able to fit your situation perfectly, you may not always be granted these loans for your small business because of risk or high interest rates. In this tough economy, lenders – like the bank – are becoming more difficult to work with because they require so much, such as high credit, the fact you need to have an established business, or collateral.

With small business loans you have the options to:

  • Purchase inventory
  • Manage cash flow
  • Use construction vehicles
  • Purchase computer hardware
  • And much more!

The idea for a small business loan is to have a company like Direct Capital front you the money that your company has the potential to make, but just isn’t quite there yet.  Let’s say in the next 5 years you see that your business has the potential to make $500k in revenue, but you need this $50k grill to do so. At this point your company is steadily making money but you only have one grill and need to expand in order to make that potential revenue. You have the staff and everything else you need, but don’t have the money to flat out purchase new equipment. That’s where Direct Capital comes into play.

At Direct Capital we can finance your small business loan to make it work for you, whether it be repaid in a 30-day contract or be extended over 72-months. We assume the risk by investing in you, and lending you the equipment that you need. This ranges from all types of equipment financing and working capital.*

Small business loans have proven to be a key component in company’s growth, and with its quick, easy, paperless process, it’s not hard to access. The application to receive the loan for your small business requires little information and you can receive financing as fast as that day!

It’s important for your small business loan, to be affordable and in safe, trustworthy hands. Anything your company needs from new software, to vehicles, or perhaps just cash for everyday expenses, its available based off of your business needs.  The benefits of a small business loan are endless, with so much potential for your company and interest rates as low as 5.49%, you can have your business grow in no time.

Here’s what one of our customers had to say about their small business loan with Direct Capital!

*Working Capital not available in the following states: AK, DE, VT, ND