What Small Business Has Influenced You?

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Our interesting question of the day comes from the invaluable Ramon Ray, writing today for SmallBizTechnology.

The question is this: What small businesses have influenced you? Was it the sub shop down the street that always has a cheerful greeting for customers? Was it the automotive dealer that hunted obsessively for lower-priced equipment, to pass those savings on to customers? Was it the booming lawn-care business that turned record profits year after year while maintaining a towering presence in the community?

It’s worth asking, I believe, because everyone should have a business role model. Everyone should have someone to turn to when things aren’t going well, a shining example that they can try to emulate or even learn from the occasional failure that business experienced. Going blind into a hyper-competitive business world is not generally thought of as a good idea, and with good reason.

There are 520 national nominees for the contest Ray writes about, all of whom I assume are worthy choices. But for your purposes, the local ones matter most. Tell us who your business role model is.

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