What Industries Are Vendors Working With? Direct Capital Knows

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Recently at Direct Capital, we had the chance to survey a cross-section of vendors on a variety of topics. We’ll have a whole series on the the results in the weeks ahead.

Now we get to the last piece of our first survey of vendors here at Direct Capital, and it’s the most involved. In short, we asked them to tell us what the primary focus of there business was. We got a deluge of responses.

There’s a very, very long list of industries here, to the point where listing all of them would likely cause your eyes to glaze over. Instead, let me list the Top 10 and give you a sampling of what comes after. Deal? Deal.

  1. Construction Equipment/Vehicles: 9%
  2. Restaurant/Catering Equipment: 8%
  3. Industrial Equipment: 7%
  4. Technology: 7%
  5. Commercial Vehicles: 7%
  6. Other Equipment: 6%
  7. Auto Service Equipment: 6%
  8. Medical Equipment: 6%
  9. Printing Equipment: 6%
  10. Machine Tools: 5%

Beyond that list, there’s everything from forestry to agricultural equipment, waste management services and telecommunications and even Segways. Vendors are a diverse sort.

What specific industries does your business do business with?

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