What Direct Capital Can Do For You, In Video Form

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There’s a bright line between Direct Capital and banks, a line we’ve drawn repeatedly.

The line is this: While Direct Capital has grown in its ability to lend and its willingness to lend throughout the recession and beyond, banks have gone in the opposite direction. While banks slowly phase out some of their more popular loan programs—again, due to the recession and its aftereffects on the credit market—Direct Capital expands its offering. I mean no slight to banks here, mind you, but this is the lay of the land in 2012.

With that in mind, we’ve prepared a video with Direct Capital Director of Client Services Scott Lynch that explains some of the ways we can help your business that banks cannot. We do this not to sell you on our products—really!—but because we want you to be as familiar with your options as you possibly can be. You need the best in financing, after all, to keep your small business humming.

Without further ado, let us present the video:

We hope you found the video both useful and helpful. Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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