What an Ice Cream Truck Taught Us About Business

Reading Time: 2 minutes

I scream, you scream, we all scream for, well, more business! But today, screaming and pushing our way through to our customers is about as fulfilling and rewarding as a rapidly melting ice cream cone.

So how do we leverage our strengths, abilities, and knowledge to get the business to come to us instead of pushing our products on them?

Well, in honor of National Ice Cream Day this Sunday, let’s take a minute and think about how an ice cream truck can remind us of good business practices. While you could be thinking there aren’t too many similarities between ice cream and your business, you might also be surprised at what you learn.

  1. Value and Convenience

Do you remember the excitement that flushed your system when you heard the iconic ice cream truck song rolling down your road? I remember running to my parents and asking for money to buy my favorite item – a drumstick. It would always be a bright, warm, sunny day, and the ice cream truck always seemed to have perfect timing – when I wanted ice cream, my parents wouldn’t have to go out to the store or drive to an ice cream stand. All they had to do was hand me a couple of quarters and I was happy. Happy children mean happy parents which translate to happy, loyal customers. Be convenient for your customers and provide a service that provides real value. Whether this is a mobile app or easy to use customer experience, you can retain a lot more of your customers when you make it easy and convenient.

  1. Keep Prices Fair

On that same hot and muggy day, ice cream truck drivers have their customers at their mercy. However, because of the volume of kids they could reach and their inventory, they are able to keep prices relatively fair and affordable. Think about times where you have gone to a sporting event and you have paid $7 or $8 for a bottle of water. Haven’t you always left with a bad taste in your mouth because those prices are so overpriced, but you have no other option but to buy? Keeping your prices fair (even though you could probably get more) will give your customers reason to trust and appreciate your business.

  1. Always Innovate

The first time someone put ice cream in a truck and delivered it around to kids in neighborhoods, it seemed both ingenious and bizarre. Though it was a simple idea, it revolutionized the ice cream distribution business and continues to be successful today. If you are struggling to stay competitive, take a look at your business plan and identify ways you can change little things that could provide a greater value and convenience to your customers.