We Choose Not To Participate In The Recession

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“Apparently there is a recession going on. From this point forward we refuse to participate”.  This quote hangs on the door of our Vice President of Sales.

Direct Capital is doing it’s part to reverse the recession – come join us.  To paraphrase a favorite quote – no event has any inherent meaning, only the meaning we give it. As a small business owner, what meaning have you given to the the current recession?

So much of our economy is based on the confidence that the consumer and the small business owner (who are themselves consumers after all) has in the economy. Every day our Finance Managers talk to business owners who tell us that they are uncertain about the economy in 2009. Some of them are still planning to finance equipment purchases and many are interested in working capital*, business lines of credit and cash advances.

Fortunately, there are business owners out there who recognize that even though the US is experiencing a recession, now is the time to empower ourselves to take advantage of the opportunities in today’s market. History is full of examples in which companies started or thrived in a down economy. Did you know companies such as UPS, Trader Joe’s, Disney and Hewlett-Packard started during recessions? What makes the difference between the business owner that feels paralyzed and helpless during this recession versus the business owner that gets excited about the opportunities that are available and overcomes the negative? It’s the optimistic business owners who start the groundswell and it is these businesses that will thrive when the economy takes the turn everyone knows it will.

Unemployment rates and stock market indices highlight the realities of the economy.  The effect on many businesses is very real, manifesting themselves with declining incomes and employees being laid off.  However, as we’ve all probably heard before, “necessity is the mother of invention” and we are inspired and excited to see business owners in the current environment who are choosing to not let the economy dictate how their businesses will perform.

As a finance company we are keenly aware of the constant news stories about companies losing their access to capital and shutting their doors. Direct Capital’s leadership has made a choice. Rather than sitting back and letting the economy happen to us, we are aggressively looking for opportunities. Whether it is finding new financing partners or developing products and services that help our customers succeed, things at Direct Capital are more exciting than one might expect at a business financing company in a tight credit market.  In fact, Direct Capital recently secured a $100 million securitization facility and we are actively getting those funds out to small businesses.

We know we aren’t the only business who has chosen to take advantage of the opportunities available during these challenging times. Share with us how your business is adjusting. What are you doing differently than you were 1 year ago? 2 years ago?

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*Working capital not available in the following states: AK, DE, ND, VT


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