Water Well Services: A Direct Capital Review

Reading Time: 2 minutes

When Arnold Fincher needed financing and needed it fast, he knew where to turn.

The owner of Water Well Services, LLC, in Brandon, Mississippi, Fincher and his three employees drill water wells for residential and commercial customers across the area. That work is critical anywhere—wells are necessary to obtain clean drinking water in many states in the U.S.—but it’s especially critical in Mississippi, where tornadoes and hurricanes have hit the area to devastating effect.

The demand for new wells in quiet times and following storms keeps Water Well Services busy, to say the least. The demand has been especially high for hotels, which are necessary when storms strike and the people of Mississippi are forced out of their homes, at least temporarily.

Fincher turned to Direct Capital on one Federal Emergency Management Agency-funded hotel project, which created a building with hundreds of new rooms. The building could not open until a backup water source was added, and the government offered Fincher more money to complete that part of the project. To finish it, however, he needed a new piece of equipment, and he needed it fast.

That’s where Direct Capital came in.

“You all helped me out a bunch and saved me a lot of time. Direct Capital was a lifesaver on this deal,” said Fincher.

Fincher has also used Direct Capital financing to lease and then purchase a backhoe and an air compressor which he previously rented. The lease was easy-to-use, he told me, and wound up saving him a huge amount of money over the rental prices he was previously paying. Add in new welding equipment and the fast turnaround on the financing, and Fincher said he would recommend Direct Capital to any small business he talks to.

“Everything has worked out great,” Fincher said. “And everything turned out how you all said it would.”