Want To Know How You’re Doing With Your Customers? Ask This Question.

Reading Time: 2 minutes

When interviewing for a job, it can be difficult to know how you’re doing. You may be getting great vibes and think things went amazingly well, only to find out that the interviewer was unimpressed. Or you might feel you bombed it and later learn that you actually knocked it out of the park.

The same can be said of relationships with your customers. Just as with an interview, you need to find out how well you’re doing with your customers.

At a seminar last year I listened to a panel on networking and interviewing skills. One of the “A-ha!” moments was learning about a very simple question you should ask at the end of the interview in order to understand how you did—“Now that we’ve had a chance to talk, are there any concerns you have with my candidacy for this role?”

It’s such an easy type of question to build into every transaction with your customers, with results that are so worth it:

  • Instant Feedback: You’ll know how the customer viewed the transaction and get a view into what challenges you may need to overcome in order to win the customer over.
  • Address Concerns Immediately: No more surprises on satisfaction surveys or follow-up calls. You can nip any issues in the bud, or put into place the right action plan to solve them all while communicating with the customer.
  • Boost Confidence: For both you and the customer; A customer who had a negative experience will now have the confidence that you’re going to make things right. And if it was a purely positive experience, knowing that can set you off with momentum for a great day!

You show a sincere interest in the customer’s point of view and a desire to make sure you’re meeting their needs. It may not be a comfortable conversation if the customer is not happy, but this could be a turning point to turn a detractor into a promoter for life!

How do you ensure you’re keeping a pulse on your customers’ disposition? Give your ideas in the comments!

Photo credit to Yuri_Arcurs (via iStockphoto)