Understanding The Value Of Financing As A Vendor

Equipment Finance for vendors
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At Direct Capital, we work with vendors every day of every week, and we tremendously enjoy working with every single one of them.

One piece of working with vendors is ensuring they understand how financing can be used to help their customers get ahead, and how that financing can help them close sales. We take that responsibility seriously.

So what are the advantages of using financing? Glad you asked.

  • It gives you a way to make a sale without the customer leaving your office. If a customer is interested but doesn’t know if they have the cash on hand, offering financing can close a sale that otherwise might be delayed or not happen at all.
  • It’s a way to demonstrate that you’ve thought our your customer’s needs. By having a trusted finance partner you or your customer can work directly with, you give your customer options and show you recognize that sometimes financing is an essential component of the process.
  • It frees up your customers’ cash reserves. Because your customers don’t have to pay for everything up front and can finance the equipment, they retain the financial flexibility they may need to get even more equipment from you in the future. Once you build trust, it’s relatively easy to retain it.

All of these factors work in your favor when you offer financing, but the trust is the most important thing you’re offering. A customer who believes you’re prepared, smart and looking out for their best interests is a customer who will return again and again, and financing is one of the quickest paths to indicating all three of those qualities.

Check out our financing ebook for more on how to use financing to help you close sales and benefit your customers!