Treat Your Customers, Never Trick Them

Trick or Treat for business
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For those who don’t enjoy candy, scares or pumpkins, I regret to inform you that it is Halloween today. For those who love the holiday, it’s Halloween today!

I wanted to take a moment on this momentous holiday to talk a little bit about the importance of being honest with your customers. We’ve advocated in the past for you to treat your customers as well as humanly possible, but it’s especially important on this most august trick or treat day that you know how to avoid doing the former.

The Tricks

Customers like you to be straight with them. Even if you have to hand them a pretty intimidating contract or if you have a somewhat convoluted sales process, you can win their hearts by leveling with them about your prices, what’s involved in getting your product, etc.

What customers don’t want are surprises. There are customers who won’t read the fine print and won’t be fully listening when you tell them all the minutiae of your contract,  and those customers can only be reassured after the fact. By and large, however, if you’re masking your prices or hiding sneaky little ways to squeeze more cash out of customers, they’re going to find out. They’re also going to be quite angry, and that’s going to lead to problems and hits to your reputations.

Don’t trick your customers. Make every effort to be honest with them.

The Treats

Instead, treat your customers, and treat them well.

Honesty is important, but try to think of your customers as kids showing up at your house looking for candy. You don’t want to turn them away and you don’t want them to think you’re one of those people who hands out magnets or toothbrushes, because those people ruin Halloween.

Build in promotions and marketing to bring customers in, and then treat them right. If you make smart use of sales, hire the right customer-facing workers and make a consistent commitment to doing right by your shoppers—at Direct Capital, for example, we strive to make every customer experience remarkable—then you will be golden. We promise.

How do you ensure you’re treating your customers right? Happy Halloween, everyone!


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