Transformation Tuesday for Small Businesses

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Uh-oh, another hashtag post! What on earth can this one be about? Well, let me be your number sign personal dictionary: #TransformationTuesday is when the social media user posts photos of their “transformation.” Typically this is a moment of accomplishment – showing the difference from one year to the next; or even one month to the next. This is great if you’ve had a physical or mental change from the version of you a year ago, but did you know your business can do the same thing?

Last year, was your business solely trying to create a Google presence? If so, it might be best to transform your content marketing strategy and include tactics that will enable you to reach out to a mobile audience as well. Saying that mobile is influencing spending habits is a huge understatement. Your business needs to connect with customers where they are the most (on mobile) in order to stay ahead of the competition. If this is something that your business has already been actively evolving into, let it be known to your current and incoming customers.

The next transformation is with your security policy, more specifically your customer’s information. Look at how transactions were conducted 5+ years ago; I see a check during a transaction once in a blue moon. Now its credit/debit cards, sometimes cash, or even paying from your smartphone (I know that part still gets me). Back then, the only fear was to drop cash or lose a couple checks. Now, if you lose a card, it can be tied to the customer and all of their personal information can be up for grabs. As a business, you want there to be trust between yourself and your customers. Keep that trust intact by transforming your transactional process into one that’s more secure than it was a year ago. This could mean upgrading your POS systems or just enhancing privacy policies. Do what’s best for your business, but keep your customers’ security top of mind.

One transformation that blends nicely with your personal life and your business is one that is constantly on the rise. Here’s a hint: It rhymes with pristine (which is, ironically, the purpose of it). The answer is going green! This means making your home, apartment, and business as economically friendly as possible. I recently purchased lightbulbs that allow me to turn the lights in my place on and off with just a tap on my smartphone. SmartHouse much? Another upside to this is that it’s not just helping the environment, but it can also help cut expenses and costs for your business. If you have iridescent bulbs, switch them out with LEDs.

Inventing Solutions is just one of the transformations that can happen with your business. If you look back and think what you’ve done differently than the previous year, congrats! If your business does have a social media page, post your first building or the first time the exec board was together. If you are looking for more transformations, I hope that this post can help. Let us know what else your business has done for #TransformationTuesday