Top Twitter Users for Small Business Owners to Follow

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Connect With Industry Leaders and Influencers

With 288 million users and 500 million tweets being sent per day, the world of Twitter is a wide one. There are so many opportunities for small business owners to connect and learn from industry influencers, but how do you find them?

That question becomes even harder to answer if you are an intermediate Twitter user at best. You don’t use a lot of hashtags or send many tweets, but you utilize your personal account to learn and discover business ideas. That’s okay – in fact, we’re glad you are utilizing the platform at all. However, if you’re in the game to learn more about Twitter – or to discover which accounts would serve you well to follow – Direct Capital is here to help.

If you’re looking for consistent tweets with advice for small business owners like yourself, then following our Twitter account would be worth your while. But who else is on our list?

  1. Ekaterina Walter: Author of business book “Think Like Zuck”, Walter tweets a range of news pertaining to digital media and businesses. She holds a degree in International Management and has been recognized as a business thought leader by publications like Forbes, Fast Company, and Inc.
    Follow her at: @Ekaterina
  2. Sean Gardner: An account that we also follow, Gardner is a marketing consultant and frequent Huffington Post contributor. His tweets are a curation of important digital media topics that can help small business likes yours – and ours!
    Follow him at: @2morrowknight
  3. SmallBiz Trends: Looking for tips and tricks on building your brand, improving your business, or technology platforms that work? This is the account to follow. Anita Campell, CEO, shares her knowledge of the community along with recent updates from the SmallBiz Trends blog.
    Follow them at: @smallbiztrends
  4. Jason Keath: It might sound silly to get social media tips from social media, but it’s not. Digital marketing means you market about the digital space, social media included – and that’s exactly what Keath does. Visit his page and you’ll see tweets on tweets about content and rocking the world of social media.
    Follow him at: @jasonkeath
  5. Brian Clark: If you want some humor added to your Twitter feed, Clark is the one to follow. A CEO and business owner, like you, he showcases his knowledge of the digital industry. He’s learned from experience and now you can take his expertise and use it to your advantage.
    Follow him at: @brianclark
  6. SBA: You’ve probably frequented the SBA website once or twice in your tenure as a business owner, but have you ever thought to check out their Twitter page? It’s an easier way to access content quickly – and in snippets throughout the day.
    Follow them at: @SBAgov
  7. Rand Fishkin: Founder of inbound marketing software Moz, Fishkin knows more about SEO than most people and can set you on the path to search engine success. If you aren’t even sure what SEO is you could do one of two things: Check out our blog post on SEO, or follow Rand on Twitter. Both will surely benefit you in the long run!
    Follow him at: @randfish
  8. Guy Kawasaki: With over 1.4 million followers, Kawasaki is a huge influencer in the digital marketing/social media space. After reading and reviewing one of his thirteen published books (The Art of Social Media), we learned some additional tips on marketing your business. Following Kawasaki would give you an understanding of the world he lives in and what you can do to be on the same level.
    Follow him at: @GuyKawasaki
  9. Melinda Emerson: Forbes #1 Influential Woman for Entrepreneurs has some great tips into the world of entrepreneurship and owning a business. By just viewing her Twitter profile, you’ll also get a good feel for how you can market small business ideas on Twitter.
    Follow her at: @SmallBizLady
  10. Wil Reynolds: The founder of internet marketing agency Seer Interactive, Reynolds gives some great brand and business growth insights from a marketing perspective.
    Follow him at: @wilreynolds
  11. NY Times Small Business: Sometimes, you just want to read about The New York Times is good for that – and so is their twitter feed. What’s new in the world of small business as a whole? Find out when you follow!
    Follow them at: @NYTSmallBiz
  12. Jeremiah Owyang: Founder of Crowd Companies (another Twitter feed you should follow!) , Owyang knows what it takes to empower businesses – big or small – and get them connected to likeminded professionals. That’s what his business is all about. Check out his Twitter account to learn more!
    Follow him at: @jowyang

Direct Capital is no stranger to social media – and we encourage you to dive deeper into it, too. You’ll be surprised how far you can bring your brand and how many interesting people you’ll get to make connections with. Speaking of connections, don’t forget to find us on our other social media accounts:

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If you don’t have time to dedicate yourself to Twitter, or you don’t have the payroll to hire someone that does, we can help. Direct Capital offers small business loans to use for anything your business needs – including a new social media expert. (Trust us – it’s worth it!)

For more information on who we are and what we do, visit our website, our Twitter account, or click on the banner below!

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