Top 50 Trucking and Commercial Trucker Blogs from Around the Web

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Editor’s note: This post has been updated, as one blog is no longer active and has been removed.

An October 2014 report from the Boston Globe makes it clear that commercial trucking is the industry to be in, now that the economy is improving and there is a growing demand for goods again. In fact, trucking and truck drivers are a critical part of the US economy, having hauled 69.1 percent of all US freight, compared to about 15 percent by rail. Also according to the article, the American Trucking Association is saying that new drivers with commercial driving licenses (CDLs) “are virtually guaranteed jobs.”

With the expected boom in the commercial trucking industry, it becomes even more important for people considering employment as a commercial truck driver, as well as current truck drivers, to have the latest information on the industry including regulations, rules, legislation, changes, management strategies, fleet management, and other industry-related topics. So, Direct Capital has searched the internet for the top commercial truck and trucker blogs to bring that information to you. Blogs that made the cut are from the most reliable sources, including those from current drivers and managers, insurance agencies, truck and trailer and parts suppliers, and others with years of experience in the industry. Our top 50 commercial trucking and trucker blog picks are listed here, in no particular order.

1. NADA Commercial Truck Blog

NADA Commercial Truck Blog
From the National Automobile Dealers Association, which “represents the interests of new car and truck dealers to the public, the media, Congress and vehicle manufacturers,” the Commercial Truck Blog offers information of interest to those in the industry. Post categories include industry news and events, market analysis and forecasts, and more.

Three posts we like from NADA Commercial Truck Blog:

2. Commercial Truck Success Blog

Commercial Truck Success BlogCommercial Truck Success Blog seeks to promote everyone involved in the industry, but they focus on light and medium duty trucks. They also aim to promote solutions that get more work done. With stories, advice, and tips from successful companies, the Commercial Truck Success Blog is a great resource for people looking to achieve more in commercial trucking.

Three posts we like from Commercial Truck Success Blog:

3. Minuteman’s Blog

Minuteman's BlogMinuteman Trucks, Inc. is a “complete medium and heavy-duty truck support center” in New England that also happens to be a Certified Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) with SDO and GNEMSDC. Minuteman’s Blog offers information on all thinks commercial trucking, including posts related to fuel economy and environmental concerns. With all of their expertise and partnerships with other leaders in the industry, Minuteman Trucks, Inc.. provides trustworthy information for anyone interested in commercial trucking.

Three posts we like from Minuteman’s Blog:

4. TruckingTruth

TruckingTruthTruckingTruth strives to provide “a positive, yet honest view of the trucking industry with help and advice from experienced drivers,” and we see their mission shine through their blog posts. Topics include leases, driving safety, rules and regulations, and support personnel, among others.

Three posts we like from TruckingTruth:

5. On the Road

On the Road

Jim Park, author of On the Road, was a commercial driver for 20 years and has been in the truck journalism world for 13 years, with a specialty in technical/equipment material. Known for bringing “real-world perspective to test drives,” Jim offers his take on commercial trucking news, pieces about the latest in trucking technology, and more posts sure to be of interest to anyone in the industry.

Three posts we like from On the Road:

6. Trailer Equipment Blog 

Trailer Equipment

West Michigan’s leading supplier of trailers for sale or lease, Trailer Equipment, Inc. believes in relationships and partnerships to create lasting business success. Their blog furthers those relationships and partnerships by providing information and solutions that everyone can use to build a knowledge base and understanding of the challenges and changes facing the commercial trucking industry.

Three posts we like from Trailer Equipment:

7. The Dealer Connection

The Dealer ConnectionThe Dealer Connection, the official blog of Commercial Truck Trader, is full of news and resources for equipment and truck dealers. With posts covering everything from mobile advertising to dealership tips and strategies, The Dealer Connection is geared toward helping commercial truck dealers achieve success and drive profits.

Three posts we like from The Dealer Connection:

8. Gordon Trucking Blog

Gordon Trucking BlogGordon Trucking, Inc. is responsible for the Gordon Trucking Blog, and the blog is just as reliable as the company, which has over 2000 trucks and is considered “one of the safest and most reliable large truckload carriers in North America.” The blog features dozens of articles about truck drivers, sustainability, safety, and other topics that those in the commercial trucking industry will find useful and helpful.

Three posts we like from Gordon Trucking Blog:

9. Real Truck Driver Blog

Real Truck Driver BlogBilled as a truck driver blog by a real truck driver, Real Truck Driver Blog contains dozens of posts covering a number of categories including flatbed trucking, trucking news, and trucking adventures. The blog also features truck driving school reviews and software picks for truckers. With a wide variety of topics and information, Real Truck Driver Blog is sure to have something for everyone interested in commercial trucks or truckers.

Three posts we like from Real Truck Driver Blog:

10. Commercial Truck Bodies Blog

Commercial Truck Bodies BlogCommercial Truck Bodies Blog, one of two blogs offered by Marion, an industry-leading maker of truck bodies, features posts about truck durability, the benefits of customized commercial truck bodies, and more. Marion’s expertise is evident in their posts, and anyone interested in commercial trucking will find value in the Commercial Truck Bodies Blog.

Three posts we like from Commercial Truck Bodies Blog:

11. Commercial Truck Solutions

Commercial Truck SolutionsValley Tire’s blog, Commercial Truck Solutions shares the company’s expertise in commercial trucking, fleet maintenance and repair services, customized tire programs, and more. In fact, the blog focuses on commercial truck solutions and offers tips, information, and insight for anyone connected to the commercial trucking industry.

Three posts we like from Commercial Truck Solutions:

12. Move Ahead

Move AheadThe official blog for Penske Truck Leasing, Truck Rental, Logistics, and Used Trucks, Move Ahead is a robust blog about all things commercial trucking. Blog topics include trucking, truck fleet management, truck fleet maintenance, and others that showcase Penske’s expertise in the industry.

Three posts we like from Move Ahead:

13. Platinum Drivers Inc.

Platinum DriversPlatinum Drivers, Inc. is a service that uses its expertise in recruiting, qualifying, and staffing to places CDL drivers. Their blog reflects their commitment to drivers and also offers a trip calculator and driver resources, making it a great place for information about commercial trucking.

Three posts we like from Platinum Drivers Inc.

14. Trailer Talk

Trailer TalkFrom author Tom Berg, CDL-qualified truck writer and editor since 1978 who also conducts road tests on new light-heavy duty tractors and trucks, Trailer Talk covers a wealth of topics from the latest technology to towing capacity. Those in commercial trucking will appreciate the expertise Berg shares in all of his posts.

Three posts we like from Trailer Talk:

15. The Road Gator

The Road Gator

The Road Gator is the blog of Truck Enterprises, Inc., “the Mid-Atlantic’s premier heavy and medium duty truck dealership group.” The blog features stories about companies who are making advancements with their fleets and achieving success in the commercial trucking industry.

Three posts we like from The Road Gator:

16. HDS Truck Driving Institute

HDS Truck Driving InstituteHDS Truck Driving Institute is a fully-accredited educational institution that prepares students for taking their CDL tests and becoming professional drivers that companies want to hire. THE HDS Truck Driving Blog offers tips and strategies for drivers who are just entering the industry to those who have been driving for year.

Three posts we like from HDS Truck Driving Institute:

17. TW Truck Insurance Blog

TW Truck Insurance BlogProviding information on the latest rules and regulations, industry news, and insurance for commercial trucks, the TW Truck Insurance Blog is a service of the Thomas Wilson Group, LLC. Geared toward truckers, the blog is a comprehensive resource that is updated a few times a month with news from various sources.

Three posts we like from TW Truck Insurance Blog:

18. Fleet Blog

Fleet BlogThe Fleet Blog is best described as an “online journal written by various fleet experts we’ve invited to participate.” The contributors share their opinions on issues relating to fleet management, trucks, driver safety, and other topics important to the commercial trucking industry.

Three posts we like from the Fleet Blog:

19. The Truck of the Future Blog

Truck of the FutureThe Truck of the Future, an ACEA Transport Policy Event, aims to begin the debate on how best to ensure the trucks of tomorrow can serve society with maximum safety and minimum environmental impact. The blog continues the conversation with posts dedicated to information relating to making trucks innovative, fuel-efficient, and safe.

Three posts we like from The Truck of the Future Blog:

20. Truck Law Blog

Truck Law BlogPublished by the transportation lawyers of Anderson and Yamada, P.C., a firm that has “focused on transportation law issues locally, regionally, and nationally since its founding in 1982,” the Truck Law Blog includes posts regarding legal news, regulations, and tips for the commercial trucking industry.

Three posts we like from Truck Law Blog:

21. FleetFocus


NexTraq, a GPS fleet management solution, serves fleets from 2 to 2,000+ vehicles. The blog of NexTraq, FleetFocus includes posts in several categories, including fleet tracking, fleet operations, fleet managers, and others that people in the commercial trucking industry will find useful and informative.

Three posts we like from FleetFocus:

22. Truck Insurance Pro Blog

Truck Insurance Pro BlogA division of the Hoffman Group, Truck Insurance Pro exclusively is “dedicated to the trucking insurance needs of owner-operators and fleets.” As specialists in commercial trucking, the Truck Insurance Pros responsible for the blog offer their expertise in posts from electronic logging devices to workers’ compensation issues.

Three posts from the Truck Insurance Pro Blog:

23. O’Rielly Commercial & Fleet

O'Rielly Commercial & FleetThe O’Rielly Commercial & Fleet blog is dedicated to commercial trucks and vans. While their posts focus mainly on Tucson, Arizona, the O’Rielly Commercial & Fleet Blog includes information about farm and ranch trucks, heavy-duty trucks, and several others that are of importance to anyone the commercial trucking industry, regardless of their location.

Three posts we like from O’Rielly Commercial & Fleet:

24. The World Trucks Blog

The World Trucks Blog

From Commercial Motor, The World Trucks Blog is a tremendous resource for those wishing to learn about commercial trucking around the world. With posts linked to mainstream media and other blogs about truck manufacturers, Navistar, and Class 8, among others The World Trucks Blog is one not to be missed.

Three posts we like from The World Trucks Blog:

25. AKMI Blog

AKMI BlogAKMI Corporation’s staff boasts more than 50 years of experience in heavy-duty engines including R&D, manufacturing, and more. AKMI also is a leader in replacement parts for the heavy-duty industry. AKMI Corporation’s blog covers tips, strategies, and information on all things parts and is sure to be a useful resource for the commercial trucking industry.

Three posts from AKMI Blog:

26. TransForce Blog

TransForce BlogTransForce Blog, from TransForce, Inc., reflects the company’s desire to build long-term relationships and provide solutions for their customers, as it focuses on commercial truck companies and drivers. The blog also offers tips, strategies, and news for truckers.

Three posts we like from TransForce Blog:

27. Truckie-D’s Blog

Truckie-D's BlogA blog written by a trucker for truckers, Truckie-D’s blog includes much of what it takes to be a trucker and what truckers face both on and off the road, with an emphasis on truck and highway safety. One touching component of Truckie-D’s Blog is the dedication to Jason Rivenburg, a 35-year-old trucker who was murdered while parked in a no-parking zone, along with Truckie-D’s endorsement for Jason’s Law.

Three posts we like from Truckie-D’s Blog:

28. Commercial Truck Quotes

Commercial Truck QuotesCommercial Truck Quotes is a specialized blog catering to the field of commercial truck insurance. Commercial Truck Quotes seeks to connect agents who want to grow their businesses with truckers who need insurance. The blog, therefore, offers some great tips and insights into how to build those relationships and how agents can get leads and turn them into closed deals.

Three posts we like from Commercial Truck Quotes:

29. Driving Ambition

Driving AmbitionA provider of professional CDL driver staffing, Driving Ambition is a trusted company that understands the challenges that are unique to the commercial trucking industry. Their commitment to safety and strong working relationships is clear in their blog posts, which range from safe driving tips to companies’ best practices.

Three posts we like from Driving Ambition:

30. Quick Transport Solutions Inc.

Quick Transport Solutions Inc.Quick Transport Solutions, Inc., the “marketplace for trucking companies, drivers, shippers, and freight brokers” and provides access to trucking applications from top trucking companies, links to trucking companies for nearly any imaginable information about them, and much, much more. Quick Transport Solutions, Inc. is a resource chockfull of information for trucking companies and drivers, and their blog is just as informative and relevant.

Three posts we like from Quick Transport Solutions, Inc.:

31. Road Blog

Road BlogThe official blog of CareersInGear, Road Blog centers on the latest trucking news. Road Blog covers a broad range of topics related to commercial trucking, and those interested in the business will find Road Blog to be a great collection of news that is relevant and informative.

Three posts we like from Road Blog:

32. All That’s Trucking

All That's TruckingFrom the editor in chief of Heavy Duty Trucking, All That’s Trucking is a blog that expounds upon Deborah Lockridge’s “take on anything and everything related to trucking, with the help of guest posts from other HDT editors.” And, the blog lives up to its hype with posts that range from trucker sleep apnea to smart highways and vehicles; it’s sure to be a favorite read of anyone connected to the commercial trucking industry.

Three posts we like from All That’s Trucking:

33. Truck Injury Lawyer Blog

Truck Injury Lawyer BlogThe blog of the Law Offices of Morgan Adams, Truck Injury Lawyer Blog often is considered an authority on “truck accidents,” as founding partner Morgan Adams received the first Lifetime Achievement Award from the American Association for Justice’s Trucking Litigation Group. The blog itself is a wealth of information with posts in such categories as hours of service, roadcheck, safety, sleep apnea, and others.

Three posts we like from Truck Injury Lawyer Blog:

34. Ready Trucking

Ready TruckingReady Trucking puts safety at the center of its operation, but they also focus on encouraging employees to become thought leaders “to create value within our customers’ supply chain.” They have three values that help them to achieve their goal: first-class customer service, employees as partners, and efficiency via technology. Their blog, consequently, represents their business goals and mission in the commercial trucking industry.

Three posts we like from Ready Trucking:

35. Fleet Management Blog

Fleet Management BlogCollective Data provides “high-end fleet and related asset management software,” and they ”serve organizations whose fleets and related equipment are mission critical.” With the ultimate goal of helping companies to improve their productivity in the long term, Collective Data prides itself on offering fleet management software that both supervisors and employees enjoy using. They apply this same strategy to their blog, which includes posts geared toward both commercial trucking managers and drivers.

Three posts we like form Fleet Management Blog:

36. Diesel Driving School Blog

Diesel Driving School BlogThe Diesel Truck Driver Training School, Inc. aims to help prospective truckers pass their CDL test and become employees in the commercial trucking industry. The school’s focus is on skills, and their blog offers trips, strategies, and advice for commercial truckers, from those who are hopeful about obtaining their license to those who have been driving for years.

Three posts we like from Diesel Driving School Blog:

37. Fleet Owner

Fleet OwnerFleet Owner is intended for “executives and managers of commercial-trucking fleets that operate five or more vehicles” and “provides information about operations, vehicle maintenance, industry regulations and information-management technology.” The blog is so robust that it’s more like a comprehensive resource for those managers and executives in commercial trucking.

Three posts we like from Fleet Owner:

38. Commercial Carrier Journal

Commercial Carrier JournalCommercial Carrier Journal reaches more than 96,000 subscribers within the freight transport business. Their blogs are known for being informative and reliable and feature content about technology in commercial trucking, the latest commercial trucking news, driving challenges, and more.

Three posts we like from Commercial Carrier Journal:

39. Business Fleet

Business FleetBusiness Fleet is all about fleet management, specifically in managing 10-50 company vehicles. The site is a broad collection of articles, news, and various blogs related to fleet trends and management, and it definitely is an invaluable resource to that sector of the commercial trucking industry.

Three posts we like from Business Fleet:

40. Trucker Blog

Trucker BlogThe Trucker Blog from is a one-stop shop for purchasing new and used trucks, trailers, parts, and equipment. The Trucker Blog shares information on much more than purchasing commercial trucking items, though; categories include truck trends, legislation, information, and more.

Three posts we like from Trucker Blog:

41. Automotive Fleet Market Trends Blog

Automotive Fleet Market Trends BlogAutomotive Fleet Market Trends Blog author Mike Antich has more than 4,600 articles related to fleet management to his name, and his blog makes his 20+ years of knowledge and expertise clear. Fleet management is so important to the commercial trucking world, and Mike’s tips and information are not to be missed.

Three posts we like from Automotive Fleet Market Trends Blog:

42. American Trucking Associations

American Trucking AssociationsThe American Trucking Associations (ATA) are an authority on commercial trucking, and their blog does not disappoint. With news and information focused solely on commercial trucking and truckers, ATA is a reliable and useful resource for anyone interested in the industry.

Three posts we like from American Trucking Associations:

43. Fleet Risk Management, Inc.

Fleet Risk Management

Fleet Risk Management, Inc. handles insurance coverage for the trucking industry, only. Their blog is just as dedicated to commercial trucking and truckers, offering information about truck care, trucking challenges, and more.

Three posts we like from Fleet Risk Management, Inc.:

44. Teletrac Blog

TeletracTeletrac, Inc. provides GPS tracking and fleet automation. Teletrac automates more than 20,000 fleets with its comprehensive technology. That’s why Teletrac’s blog shares information about the latest technology as well as other important news for commercial trucking and fleets.

Three posts we like from Teletrac Blog:

45. Fleet Beat Blog

Fleet Beat BlogFleetcare, Australia’s largest privately owned fleet management company, provides the Fleet Beat Blog. With their expertise in products and services for fleets of all sizes, Fleetcare offers reliable information for the commercial trucking and fleet industry.

Three posts we like from Fleet Beat Blog:

46. Overdrive Extra

Overdrive ExtraOverdrive Magazine is considered an authority on trucking, and its Overdrive Extra blog is just as reliable and relevant. With posts covering legislation, news, and trucking challenges, Overdrive Extra is a great blog for anyone interested in commercial trucking.

Three posts we like from Overdrive Extra:

47. FleetTrax

FleetTraxWith more than 10 years in the industry, FleetTrax is known as a leader in GPS fleet management. The FleetTrax blog shares tips and information on what FleetTrax does best: GPS tracking and fleet management. FleetTrax is a wonderful resource for managers and business leaders involved with commercial trucking and fleet management.

Three posts we like from FleetTrax:

48. Smart Trucking Blog

Smart Trucking BlogSmart Trucking Blog seeks to support professional truckers, and it includes industry issues of special interest to commercial truck drivers. The blog also offers links to issues of interest to owner-operators and women, making it a truly comprehensive blog for anyone in the commercial trucking industry.

Three posts we like from Smart Trucking Blog:

49. Interstate Trucking Alliance Blog

Interstate Trucking Alliance BlogInterstate Trucking Alliance focuses on serving “1-30 unit regional and long haul trucking operations” and seeks to provide information to help in managing those trucking operations. Blog posts cover news and information sure to be helpful to anyone looking involved in the commercial trucking industry.

Three posts we like from Interstate Trucking Alliance Blog:

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