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About a month ago, we mentioned SMART goals and how important it is for businesses like yours to set them. So first we must ask: Did you set any?

If you did, and one of them was to discover new ways to learn about – and be successful in – your industry, then we hope this post finds you well. Today, we want to share some information on business podcasts others are suggesting (and we agree) you start listening to.

  1. Michael Hyatt, This is Your Life: Former CEO and Chairman of the publishing firm Thomas Nelson Publishers, Michael Hyatt is putting his business mind to use. His mission, he says, is “to help high achievers win at work and succeed in life.” He does this through blogs, books, different digital initiatives and his podcast “This is Your Life.” The podcast is dedicated to helping business owners live and work with more passion and focus. He posts new episodes every Wednesday morning. Click here to check them out.
    Follow Michael on Twitter: @MichaelHyatt
  2. Tayo Rockson, As Told by Nomads: Tayo Rockson has, what he calls, an ‘untraditional vision.’ He wants to bring global leaders together to share their adventures and experiences. His podcasts are an outlet to do that. He invites global “nomads,” leaders, entrepreneurs, and other multicultural individuals to discuss what it takes to become a global leader. Check out his podcast here.
    Follow Tayo on Twitter: @TayoRockson
  3. Rick Mulready, The Art of Paid Traffic: A veteran of corporate Internet advertising for companies like AOL and Yahoo!, Rick Mulready knows a thing or two about how paid traffic can help keep a steady sales flow. In his “The Art of Paid Traffic” podcasts, he speaks to business owners who want to understand tactics and strategies for generating paid leads on autopilot. He also understands that businesses don’t need these ads to be successful, but that he’s seen proven results for his business and his clients’. Listen to his podcast, which he often updates once a week, right on iTunes.
    Follow Rick on Twitter: @Rickmulready
  4. Chris Ducker, Youpreneur: Chris Ducker comes from two business worlds. The first being the one that could thrive without internet engagement, and the other is the world that cannot. Having seen a drastic change in the way his business needed to be run back in 2010, he made a decision. His “old school” mentality had to be transitioned to the 21st century by following the internet trend. Because of that, he said that today he’s a completely different entrepreneur. And with his podcast “Youpreneur” he’s teaching business owners like you get into that mentality, too. Check it out here.
    Follow Chris on Twitter: @ChrisDucker
  5. Andrew Warner, Mixergy: What makes this podcast stand out is how Andrew Warner teaches entrepreneurs about thriving in the business world. He uses business owner stories to inspire and encourage others to create their own path to success. He interviews people, like the gentleman who founded the 1-800-GOT-JUNK trucks, to show his listeners the different strategies they can use to be successful in business. Listen to his interviews (9 are free!) today.
    Follow Andrew on Twitter: @AndrewWarner
  6. Andrew Lock, Help My Business!: Andrew Lock has been building businesses since his youth, starting a potato delivery service as a kid. Refusing to get up early to do a paper route, he challenged the traditional “businesses” that kids could be in control of. Well, that hasn’t stopped. Lock helps business owners find ways to stand out from the crowd. He describes the podcast as having “dry British humor, playful sarcasm, and irreverence.” So if you want a new take on a podcast (or enjoy listening to someone with a British accent), then click here to start listening today.
    Follow Andrew on Twitter: @AndrewLock
  7. Jamie Ridler, Creative Living with Jamie: Starting and owning a business all started with one thing, right? An idea. A creative idea that you felt would make a difference in people’s lives. Jamie Ridler helps you keep the creative juices flowing no matter how long you’ve been in business. She “thinks outside the box” and her podcast brings you inspiration and strategies for bringing creativity to life. Listen here.
    Follow Jamie on Twitter: @starshyne
  8. American Public Media, Marketplace: Since becoming a business owner, you’ve probably let some things – like staying on top of the news – fall to the wayside. We understand. Business owners live a busy life. But, if you want one place where you can catch up on all the “news that matters” to business owners like you, this is the podcast you should listen to. And it’s updated once a day right on iTunes.
    Follow Marketplace on Twitter: @Marketplace

What podcasts are we missing from this list? Share your thoughts with us in the comments or give us a shout on Twitter (@DirectCapital).

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