Top Physical Therapy Blogs: The 47 Best Blogs for Physical Therapy Professionals to Learn About the Latest Research, Techniques and Technology

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Editor’s Note: This blog has since been updated to include another blog. This now brings the total to 48!

hysical therapy is a hot career field, providing valuable services to patients experiencing chronic pain, recovering from injury, and working to regain or maintain mobility. With many advancements in technology now finding their place in the physical therapy field, it’s more critical than ever for professionals to stay abreast of the latest technologies and practice modalities that can help them better serve their patients.

Direct Capital has searched the far corners of the web to uncover the best, most comprehensive, and valuable physical therapy blogs. We’ve listed 48 of the best physical therapy blogs below, some geared towards the professional audience, others providing information for people suffering from various injuries and conditions, offering tips and resources on the best physical therapy techniques and exercises to reduce pain and gain mobility.

All of the blogs listed below are a worthy read for physical therapists, ancillary professionals, and anyone with an interest in the practice of physical therapy – whether seeking treatment options for themselves or simply searching for information. The following 47 blogs are not rated or ranked in order of importance or value, but are listed in alphabetical order for easy reference.


About Physical Therapy


Brett Sears is the resident expert on physical therapy for, a physical therapist who runs his own private practice. At, he covers everything imaginable related to physical therapy, including exercise tips for managing different types of injuries, how to avoid injury, roundups of the best physical therapy blogs and physical therapy experts to follow on Twitter, and more.

Three posts we like from About Physical Therapy: 

ADVANCE Healthcare Network Physical Therapy and Rehab Medicine


Since 1985, ADVANCE has been working towards its goal of enhancing the careers of healthcare professionals by publishing a series of free newsmagazines. ADVANCE covers a variety of healthcare topics, including comprehensive coverage of physical therapy for professionals. With multimedia resources including infographics, presentations, guides, and more, a student and new grad resource center, insights from professionals working in the field, and much more, ADVANCE is a must-have resource for any physical therapy professional.

Three posts we like from ADVANCE: 

Allan Besselink


Allan Besselink is a physical therapist, endurance sports coach, educator, and author of RunSmart: A Comprehensive Approach To Injury-Free Running. Besselink is a respected authority in the field, and he shares his thoughts on physiotherapy, performance, and more.

Three posts we like from Allan Besselink:



AthletiCo provides physical therapy, occupational/hand therapy, and fitness services to clients in nine states. AthletiCo’s blog offers tips on finding the best shoes, how-tos and tutorials for stretches and exercises that improve strength and mobility, and the benefits of physical therapy for various types of injuries.

Three posts we like from AthletiCo: 

ATI Physical Therapy


With locations in 16 states, ATI Physical Therapy knows what it takes to build a successful practice and provide top-notch patient care. The ATI Physical Therapy blog is a wealth of information for patients, offering tips on stretching and exercise, general health information, how to prevent injury during regular, everyday activities and out-of-the-ordinary activities, and more.

Three posts we like from ATI Physical Therapy: 

Baudry Therapy Center


Baudry Therapy Center provides information on physical therapy, fitness, Pilates, and yoga, along with running, general health and nutrition, and sports injury prevention. In other words, it’s a panacea of all things health and wellness and a great read for anyone interested in physical therapy – or simply living a healthier lifestyle.

Three posts we like from Baudry Therapy Center: 

Better Movement


Better Movement is a collection of nearly 200 articles on the science of movement and pain – presented in a condensed, readable, practical format that’s easy to digest by Todd Hargrove, a certified Feldenkrais Practitioner and Rolfer, and author of A Guide to Better Movement: The Science and Practice of Moving with More Skill and Less Pain. The information you find at Better Movement is the same information you’d learn from attending an expensive seminar or reading through dozens of textbooks, with a primary focus on pain, posture, and performance.

Three posts we like from Better Movement: 

Body in Mind


Lorimer Moseley and his team discuss clinical neuroscience and the role of the brain in health and disease at Body in Mind. The blog was created with the goal of promoting a better understanding of the clinical pain sciences. With leading physicians, researchers, and educators offering professional insights on a variety of pain-related topics, this is a must-read blog for physical therapy professionals.

Three posts we like from Body in Mind: 

Bucks County Orthopedic Specialists

PT Blog Image

Bucks County Orthopedic Specialists have been helping Bucks County residents for over 40 years. Their goal and mission is to offer their patients advanced care and treatment through proven techniques and results. Their blog serves as just another way to help their patients. From tips, to videos, to step-by-step articles to help understand and heal, it’s a must-read for not only their patients but for others in the industry who want to continue learning.

Three posts we like from Bucks Ortho:





Clinicient offers outpatient rehab solutions including web-based EMR/practice management software and billing services for physical and occupational therapy clinics and similar practices. The Clinicient blog, Blog Insight, offers timely and relevant insights and perspectives on all aspects of running a physical therapy practice – an excellent resource for any physical therapist managing a practice.

Three posts we like from Clinicient: 

Dr. Ben Fung


Dr. Ben Fung is a Doctor of Physical Therapy who writes, teaches, shares, and strategizes. Having worked in a variety of settings from hospitals to directing rehabilitation centers and managing his own private practice. Dr. Fung shares the wealth of expertise he has gained through his extensive education and professional experiences with readers everywhere through his blog.

Three posts we like from Dr. Ben Fung: 

Dr. Jarod Carter


A Doctor of Physical Therapy with a cash-based practice, Dr. Jarod Carter provides insights and information for other physical therapists to enable them to create their own cash-based practices and eliminate the struggles that can sometimes come with third-party payors.

Three posts we like from Dr. Jarod Carter: 



E-Rehab uses the internet to help physical therapy private practices grow their businesses. From choosing the right website provider to generating leads online and more, E-Rehab is a must-read blog for any physical therapist running or thinking of starting their own private practice.

Three posts we like from E-Rehab: 

Eric Cressey


A writer, consultant, and performance coach to more than 100 professional baseball players, Eric Cressey is also the president of Cressey Sports Performance. His blog is a free and valuable resource for anyone wanting to achieve better health or physical performance, as well as professionals who are seeking insights on innovative methods and strategies for physical therapy and performance coaching.

Three posts we like from Eric Cressey: 

Evidence in Motion


Evidence in Motion is dedicated to enhancing the physical therapy profession and the treatment received by patients. Based in Louisville, Kentucky, Evidence in Motion is an educational institution providing a wide range of top-notch post-graduate and continuing education programs for physical therapists. The blog is a collection of insights on changes in the field, new techniques, and all the latest news and perspectives on physical therapy.

Three posts we like from Evidence in Motion:

Forward Thinking PT


Joe Brence, a physical therapist, clinical theorist, and adjunct professor, writes at Forward Thinking PT, a site specifically designed to promote thinking and improved methodology to physical therapists. Along with other expert contributors, Brence delivers quality, evidence-based reviews to help the average clinician improve his practice.

Three posts we like from Forward Thinking PT: 

In Touch Physical Therapy Blog


Harrison N. Vaughn is a physical therapist at In Touch Physical Therapy and the author behind the In Touch Physical Therapy Blog, where you’ll find information on evidence-informed orthopedics, manual therapy, and knowledge translation from academia to clinical practice. Vaughn began blogging shortly after graduating from physical therapy school in order to explore his interests in learning, writing, and expressing his personal experiences in the field.

Three posts we like from In Touch Physical Therapy Blog: 

Jesse Physio


Jesse Awenus, otherwise known as Jesse Physio, is a physiotherapist at Synergy Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation, specializing in movements-based assessment and treatment. His blog at Jesse Physio is a resource on all things related to orthopaedic physiotherapy, strength, and conditioning.

Three posts we like from Jesse Physio: 

Journal of Orthopaedic and Sports Physical Therapy (JOSPT)


While technically not a blog, the Journal of Orthopaedic and Sports Physical Therapy (JOSPT) offers plenty of content accessible online. JOSPT aims to provide scientifically rigorous, clinically relevant content for physical therapists and anyone within the healthcare community in order to to advance musculoskeletal and sports-related practice globally.

Three articles we like from JOSPT:

Julie Wiebe PT


A sports medicine physical therapist and women’s health evangelist, Julie Wiebe’s website is a comprehensive resource for physical therapy professionals. You’ll find events for both professionals and individuals, information about continuing education courses, patient tools, video blogs, articles, and much more.

Three posts we like from Julie Wiebe PT: 

Keith’s Korner


Keith has been practicing physical therapy in the Northeastern U.S. since 2000. His interests lie in science-based medicine, skepticism, and reason. He began blogging anonymously as an exercise to see if he could write a few words daily, citing Seth Godin and Barrett Dorko as inspiration. You’ll find posts reflecting on both physical therapy practice and general musings about life, as well.

Three posts we like from Keith’s Korner: 

Mike Reinold


Mike Reinold helps people feel, move, and perform better with an integrated approach to physical therapy and performance training. A recognized expert in his field, Reinold shares his strategies and approach to performance training and therapy at his blog, along with valuable tips for fellow coaches and therapists.

Three posts we like from Mike Reinold: 

New Grad Physical Therapy 


New Grad Physical Therapy is the leading resource for fresh physical therapy graduates. For students and new graduates who want to achieve career success, New Grad Physical Therapy offers information on licensing and graduate school, insurance, business models and career options, and tips for surviving in the workplace.

Three posts we like from New Grad Physical Therapy: 

Oxford Physical Therapy


Oxford Physical Therapy offers services to patients via clinics based in multiple locations throughout Ohio and Kentucky. The company’s blog offers resources on preventing injury, recovery, tips for avoiding common causes of chronic pain, and much more.

Three posts we like from Oxford Physical Therapy: 

Physical Therapy Channel


The Physical Therapy Channel is the first online video and audio sharing community for physical therapists. With videos and audio resources reviewing the latest technology in the field to highlights on advancements such as total shoulder replacements and other achievements, Physical Therapy Channel covers a variety of topics of interest to physical therapy professionals.

Three videos we like from Physical Therapy Channel: 

Physical Therapy Connect


A comprehensive physical therapy resource and central community to connect therapists across the globe, Physical Therapy Connect is a valuable resource for professionals. From tips on selecting a grad school to advice on choosing the right practice management software, this blog is an excellent resource for professionals.

Three posts we like from Physical Therapy Connect:

Physiological PT


Physiological PT is “where physiotherapy gets logical.” With resources for both clinicians and patients, there’s something for everyone at Physiological PT.

Three posts we like from Physiological PT: 



PT EMR advocates for physical therapists, both those in private practice and those working in enterprise clinic settings, to use EMR over outdated paper record-keeping methods. The blog offers valuable tips and information on the benefits of EMR, along with advice on HIPAA compliance, software vendor selection, and more.

Three posts we like from Physical Therapy EMR: 

PT in Action (Drayer Physical Therapy Institute)


PT in Action is the blog of the Drayer Physical Therapy Institute, a company offering more than 120 clinic locations in 15 states. Clearly a leader in the field, Drayer Physical Therapy Institute offers a variety of topics on all things physical therapy at PT in Action.

Three posts we like from PT in Action: 

PT in Motion


The professional issues magazine of the American Physical Therapy Association, PT in Motion was formerly known as PT Magazine. The magazine is published to meet the needs of APTA members and to promote physical therapy as a vital professional career. PT in Motion provides legislative, health care, human interest, and association news and serves as a forum for discussion of professional issues and ideas in physical therapy practice.

Three articles we like from PT in Motion: 

PT Think Tank


Founded by Eric Robertson, PT, DPT, OCS, FAAOMPT, PT Think Tank started back in 2006. A blog dedicated to critical observations about health, science, and the world of physical therapy, PT Think Tank serves as a sounding board and an outlet for the exploration of technology and healthcare.

Three posts we like from PT Think Tank: 

Ralph Havens Physical Therapy Blog


A Certified Matrix Energetics Practitioner, Integrative Manual Therapy and Orthopedic Certified Specialist, Ralph Havens has plenty of credentials to back up his authority on the subject of physical therapy. He’s been blogging since 2008, covering a variety of topics related to health, wellness, physical therapy, and performance, along with a few general reflections on life.

Three posts we like from Ralph Havens Physical Therapy Blog: 

Rebound Sports & Physical Therapy


Rebound Sports & Physical Therapy offers upcoming tips and current ideas on screening for better performance, new ideas in the world of physical therapy, and general perspectives on health care.

Three posts we like from Rebound Sports & Physical Therapy: 

Recovery Physical Therapy Blog


One of New York’s leading providers of outpatient physical therapy, Recovery Physical Therapy has multiple locations in New York City, Westchester, and New Jersey. You’ll find industry news and commentary, physical therapy advice, patient profiles, and more.

Three posts we like from Recovery Physical Therapy Blog: 

Snyder Physical Therapy & Wellness


Snyder Physical Therapy & Wellness is the practice of John Snyder, DPT, who offers resources for both clinicians and patients. Providing up-to-date, evidence-based material for rehabilitation and fitness professionals, in addition to a Clinical Prediction Rule resource and a Functional Testing resource, Snyder Physical Therapy & Wellness is an excellent resource for any professional.

Three posts we like from Snyder Physical Therapy & Wellness: 

South County PT


South County PT is a leader in rehabilitation for athletes, injured workers, post-surgical patients, complex pain patients, and general orthopedic patients. Having treated thousands of patients in Worcester and the greater Boston area, South County PT has set a standard for care and shares many of the treatment methodologies, injury prevention tips, and general health and wellness information gained from years of practice through the company’s blog.

Three posts we like from South County PT: 

Sullivan Physical Therapy


Sullivan Physical Therapy is a clinic based in Austin, Texas, specializing in treating pregnancy-related conditions and pelvic floor disorders in both men and women. The clinic actually hosts three blogs: one dedicated to the discussion of pelvic pain, one focused on pelvic floor dysfunction, and a radio blog that also focuses on the sensitive topics surrounding pelvic floor conditions and providing support to those who suffer from these conditions.

Three posts we like from Sullivan Physical Therapy: 

The Awesome Physical Therapist


Originally “The Cynical Physical Therapist,” The Awesome Physical Therapist interviews different professionals in the physical therapy field but also pokes light-hearted fun at the profession through a series of humorous memes. Finally, The Awesome Physical Therapist covers controversial topics impacting the industry.

Three posts we like from The Awesome Physical Therapist: 

The Manual Therapist


The Manual Therapist is a blog by Erson Religioso III, DPT, who also maintains the Physio Answers blog. The Manual Therapist is a “blog about the eclectic approach,” as Religioso does not believe in the use of passive treatments such as ultrasound, electric stimulation, or manual traction.

Three posts we like from The Manual Therapist: 

The Physical Therapy Advisor


A physical therapist and entrepreneur, Ben Shatto is the blogger behind The Physical Therapy Advisor, aiming to empower readers to achieve optimal health. You’ll find topics ranging from tips for self-treating muscle cramps to coping with arthritis pain, choosing the right supplements, and more.

Three posts we like from The Physical Therapy Advisor: 

The PT Student


Created and edited by Jennifer Bresnick, PT, DPT, The PT Student is a resource for all physical therapy students and is home to The PT Student Market and Forum.

Three posts we like from The PT Student: 

The Sports Physio


Adam Meakins is an extended scope practitioner and specialist sports physiotherapist with an interest in the management of the shoulder and upper limb. He works in both private practice and the NHS in various sites and locations around North London and Hertfordshire. His blog offers simple, practical, and honest advice on sports physiotherapy.

Three posts we like from The Sports Physio: 



A national network of physical therapy clinics that focus on ongoing wellness programs such as yoga, TRX, and Pilates, Therapydia maintains a comprehensive blog with tips for patients to avoid pain, reduce falls, and prevent injuries, as well as tips for physical therapists for maintaining an effective practice.

Three posts we like from Therapydia: 



The TheraVid Blog covers all things physical therapy, rehabilitation, and health tech. TheraVid is a patient management platform for injury rehabilitation, offering content that can help grow and develop the practice of physical therapy.

Three posts we like from TheraVid: 

Today in PT


Today in PT is a leading source of physical therapy continuing education, jobs, and news. You’ll find summarizes of study results, statistics, coverage of news from student groups, and more.

Three posts we like from Today in PT: 

Toni Talks About PT Today


Toni Patt discusses the field of physical therapy based on 20+ years of experience in the field and recently returning to school. She covers new therapies, protocols, and equipment, in addition to commenting on ADVANCE articles of interest.

Three posts we like from Toni Talks About PT Today: 

Total Performance Physical Therapy


Based in North Wales, PA, Total Performance Physical Therapy provides a variety of therapy services, including physical therapy, aquatic therapy, sports rehabilitation, massage therapy, athletic training, and much more. The Total Performance Physical Therapy blog offers a plethora of information on the effects of everyday activities on our bodies (such as sitting and running), signs and symptoms of various injuries, tips for avoiding injury, and information about conditions such as tennis elbow.

Three posts we like from Total Performance Physical Therapy: 



An EMR solution for physical therapists, occupational therapists, and SLP, WebPT offers coverage of physical therapy news, practice management advice, how to cut costs and increase profit for your practice, and other valuable insights for physical therapy professionals.

Three posts we like from WebPT: 

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