Top Dermatology Blogs: The 50 Best Blogs to Learn About Cutting-Edge Dermatology Treatments and Techniques

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Dermatology is a constantly evolving field that encompasses a broad array of conditions, treatments, and procedures spanning cosmetic, medical, and aesthetic dermatology. From diagnosing and treating skin cancer to laser treatments, Botox, body sculpting, anti-aging, rashes, and so much more, dermatologists must be experts in a great many conditions, disorders, and treatment options related to skin health. This, of course, requires staying abreast of the latest clinical research in the field, learning new therapies and treatment options, and knowing which products provide the best results for patients with different skin types.

We’ve searched the far corners of the web to identify 50 of the best, most valuable, and most comprehensive blogs (and a few journals and publications, too) on dermatology. While some are geared specifically to the professional audience, others are slanted more towards the patient population. Dermatology professionals should not only be in the know about the latest research and treatment methodologies, but knowledgeable about what their peers are recommending and practicing across the country and abroad.

While the following 50 blogs and publications aren’t rated or ranked in order of importance or value, they are listed in alphabetical order for easy reference. There are many dermatology blogs in existence, many of which are worthy of inclusion on this list. We’ve aimed to identify 50 blogs that offer credible insights, up-to-date information, and valuable content that helps patients maintain optimal skin health and aids dermatology professionals in staying abreast of the cutting-edge treatments, clinical discoveries, and other information to advance the field and practice of dermatology. Dermatology


Susan J. Huang, MD is a board-certified dermatologist who currently practices dermatology at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, a teaching hospital of Harvard Medical School, where she’s also an instructor. Huang blogs about the latest advancements in dermatology and dermatology news at Dermatology.

Three posts we like from Dermatology: 

Advanced Dermatology Blog


Offering the latest innovations in cosmetic and dermatological skin care treatments and procedures, Advanced Dermatology is conveniently located in the suburbs of Chicago. Founded by Dr. Amy Forman Taub, a board certified dermatologist, Advanced Dermatology offers state-of-the-art medical and cosmetic dermatology and is nationally recognized for excellence in dermatologic care. Dr. Taub and her medical staff blog about the latest medical and cosmetic treatments at the Advanced Dermatology Blog.

Three posts we like from Advanced Dermatology Blog:

Advanced Dermatology, P.C.


Advanced Dermatology, P.C. provides a wide range of medical, laser, and cosmetic dermatology and plastic surgery services. The practice’s blog provides information on a variety of dermatology topics, encompassing everything from acne and cellulite to sunburn, tattoos, and tattoo removal.

Three posts we like from Advanced Dermatology, P.C.: 

Altman Dermatology Associates


Altman Dermatology Associates treats patients affected by skin conditions, such as skin cancer, and offers treatment and services for aging skin and other corrective needs. The practice’s blog offers information on open houses and events, research studies and clinical trials, and an abundance of information and tips on the right clinical treatments for various conditions.

Three posts we like from Altman Dermatology Associates: 

American Journal of Clinical Dermatology


The American Journal of Clinical Dermatology isn’t a blog, of course, it’s a professional, peer-reviewed journal providing the latest research and information for professionals in the field. The Journal offers a wide range of topics and perspectives from leading researchers in the field.

Three articles we like from American Journal of Dermatology: 

Austin Dermatologist Blog


Dr. Ted Lain is a medical and cosmetic dermatologist practicing in the Austin, Texas area. The Austin Dermatologist Blog offers information on a variety of clinical treatment options for various conditions, ranging from preventing and removing spider veins to advanced treatments for body sculpting and weight loss.

Three posts we like from Austin Dermatologist Blog:

Buckeye Dermatology Blog


Buckeye Dermatology operates three practice locations in Ohio, offering both clinical and cosmetic dermatology services to patients. Buckeye Dermatology Blog covers news and information related to the field of dermatology, information about cosmetic treatments, clinical methodology, and more.

Three posts we like from Buckeye Dermatology Blog: 

Chicago Cosmetic Surgery and Dermatology


A dermatologic medical facility and valuable dermatology resource, Chicago Cosmetic Surgery and Dermatology maintains a comprehensive blog offering the most up-to-date information about the practice of dermatology, treatment options for common skin conditions, and tips for maintaining healthy skin.

Three posts we like from Chicago Cosmetic Surgery and Dermatology: 

Coastal Medical & Cosmetic Dermatology


A medical, surgical, and cosmetic dermatology clinic serving La Jolla and East Lake, California, Coastal Medical & Cosmetic Dermatology offers a variety of services spanning chemical peels, laser treatments, and several recognized, leading dermatology treatments including Botox, Juvederm, Sculptra, and more. The blog offers an abundance of information on the best treatments for various skin conditions, what makes a patient a good candidate for specialty treatments, and other valuable insights for both patients and practitioners.

Three posts we like from Coastal Medical & Cosmetic Dermatology: 



DermaTalk is a comprehensive resource on dermatology, offering an online skin care community, news and research, a directory, and a variety of articles covering many aspects of skin care and dermatology.

Three posts we like from DermaTalk: 



Edited and maintained by two physician educators, Marie O. Uberti Benz, MD and Robert L. Benz, MD., DermatologistsBlog aims to be a resource for dermatology healthcare providers, patients, and anyone with a general interest or need to learn about dermatology, skin conditions, and treatments. Both authors are physician educators who have been in medical practice for more than thirty years, and Dr. Robert Benz is also an experienced researcher and reviewer.

Three posts we like from DermatologistsBlog:

Dermatology Affiliates


Years of experience combined with cutting-edge technologies and a patient-centered philosophy make Dermatology Affiliates a widely respected practice in the field. The Dermatology Affiliates blog features content from each of the practice’s dermatologists, as well as medical dermatology, skin care tips, aesthetics, and more.

Three posts we like from Dermatology Affiliates:

Dermatology Alliance


Dr. Todd Plott is a board-certified dermatologist who has invented and developed many of the prescription medications used in the practice of dermatology today in the U.S. and has been appointed to the FDA’s Dermatologic and Ophthalmic Drugs Advisory Committee. These achievements combined with more than three decades of experience providing patient care make Dr. Plott an esteemed authority in the field of dermatology. His blog is a valuable resource for learning about skin conditions, state-of-the-art treatment options, and more.

Three posts we like from Dermatology Alliance: 

Dermatology Focus


Dermatology Focus is a publication of the Dermatology Foundation, which aims to “provide research support that helps develop and retain tomorrow’s teachers and researchers in dermatology, enabling advancements in patient care.” Dermatology Focus is a quarterly publication covering the latest news and information impacting the practice of dermatology.

Recent issues from Dermatology Focus: 

Dermatology Times


Dermatology Times is a prominent industry publication offering news and trends in dermatologic procedures, therapies, technology, and pharmaceuticals. With content appropriate for both the patient population and professional skin care specialists, Dermatology Times offers a wealth of information for anyone with an interest in dermatology.

Three posts we like from Dermatology Times: 



A dermatologist practicing dermoscopy, Eric Ehrsam blogs about dermoscopy to provide information to physicians and anyone with a special interest in dermoscopy. With dozens of case studies and images illustrating a variety of types of moles and skin lesions, Dermoscopy is a valuable resource for practitioners, patients, and others.

Three posts we like from Dermoscopy: 

Diane Walder, M.D.


Dr. Diane Walder is a board-certified dermatologist and one of the leading cosmetic dermatologists in the U.S. Walder specializes in Botox, Dyspot, Juvederm, and Restalyne. Dr. Walder’s blog provides detailed and thorough explanations of a variety of skin conditions and treatments, such as dry brushing, tips for preventing skin cancer, and more.

Three posts we like from Diane Walder, M.D.: 

Dermatology Interest Group Association (DIGA)


The Dermatology Interest Group Association (DIGA) is a “national student-run, nonprofit organization committed to providing volunteering, networking, and research opportunities to medical students interested in a career in dermatology.” The DIGA blog covers key topics of interest to students of dermatology as well as professionals in the field, such as announcements of industry events, research opportunities, and other news impacting the industry.

Three posts we like from DIGA: 

Dr. Charles Camisa


Board-certified in dermatology and dermatological immunology, Dr. Charles Camisa has been practicing for more than 30 years. Director of the Phototherapy Department at Riverchase Dermatology and an Affiliate Associate Professor of Dermatology at the University of South Florida in Tampa, Dr. Camisa specializes in psoriasis, lichen planus, bullous diseases, connective tissue diseases, cutaneous T-cell lymphoma, and diseases of the mouth and lips and is a leading expert in many of these same areas. His blog is a must-read resource for any dermatology professionals, as well as patients and others with an interest in the practice of dermatology.

Three posts we like from Dr. Charles Camisa: 

Dr. Cynthia Bailey Skin Care


Dr. Cynthia Bailey is among the most recognized dermatologists and skin care experts in the U.S. Her website and blog have been featured in a variety of leading publications, from USA Today and U.S. News to Redbook and Woman’s Day. Dr. Bailey promotes a holistic approach to healthy skin and has created products and routines for the full range of problems and skin types she’s encountered in her practice. Her products were in such high demand that she began offering them through the web to people around the world. Her blog is a comprehensive resource for learning about the best approaches to skin care, treatment options, and more.

Three posts we like from Dr. Cynthia Bailey Skin Care:

Dr. Seymour Weaver


A board-certified dermatologist with more than 30 years of experience, including laser treatments and body shaping procedures, Dr. Seymour Weaver  is a recognized leader in anti-aging dermatology, dermatological laser procedures treating skin of every color, treatment of hair loss and scalp disorders, and both surgical and non-surgical body shaping procedures. Dr. Weaver’s blog offers a wealth of information in these areas of expertise and other pertinent topics of interest in modern dermatology.

Three posts we like from Dr. Seymour Weaver: 

Enliven: Clinical Dermatology


Enliven Archive is an “upcoming international publisher for Open Access and peer reviewed journals with a wide range of journals in multi disciplines of research which provides broad scope.” Aiming to be the world’s leading provider of Open Access, Enliven will serve free access journals to scientists, researchers, scholars, students, and academics. Enliven: Clinical Dermatology focuses on the dermatology specialty, covering emerging developments and supporting current and upcoming research in the field.

Three articles we like from Enliven: Clinical Dermatology: 

Forefront Dermatology


A U.S. leader in the practice of dermatology, Forefront Dermatology offers innovative, leading edge medical dermatology solutions from a network of locations throughout the U.S. The Forefront Dermatology blog covers company news, tips for maintaining healthy skin, information on emerging treatment options, and more.

Three posts we like from Forefront Dermatology:

Georgia Dermatology Center


Located just north of Atlanta, Georgia, the Georgia Dermatology Center offers leading dermatology services. The Center is led by Alexander S. Gross, M.D., a double board certified dermatologist experienced in treating all aspects of advanced medical dermatology. The Georgia Dermatology Center blog is a wealth of information on skin conditions and skin health, information about modern treatment options, such as liposuction and laser skin tightening, and plenty of other valuable information for patients and anyone interested in maintaining healthier skin.

Three posts we like from Georgia Dermatology Center: 

Journal of Clinical & Experimental Dermatology Research


The Journal of Clinical & Experimental Dermatology Research is an Open Access, peer-reviewed, academic journal covering diversified topics within the field of dermatology. You’ll find research and professional insights related to a variety of dermatological conditions and treatment options.

Three articles we like from the Journal of Clinical & Experimental Dermatology Research: 

Journal of Drugs and Dermatology


The Journal of Drugs and Dermatology has been published for 12 years and is indexed with MEDLINE®/PubMed®. Founded by the renowned Dr. Perry Robins, MD, the Journal of Drugs and Dermatology is one of the most recognized and reputable sources for leading dermatology research. The Journal of Drugs and Dermatology also manages the news commentary blog, DermMatters (open to invited readers only).

Three articles we like from the Journal of Drugs and Dermatology:

Kuflik Dermatology


Kuflik Dermatology has been helping patients maintain healthy skin for more than 40 years. The Kuflik Dermatology Blog aims to put all the information gleaned from 40+ years of practice about skin care and dermatology at readers’ fingertips, covering topics such as Eczema, tips for summer skin safety, chemical peels, sunburn treatments, and more.

Three posts we like from Kuflik Dermatology: 

Laser & Mohs Dermatology of New York


Laser & Mohs Dermatology of New York is a dermatology practice with a comprehensive blog offering information for patients such as treatment options for various skin conditions, anti-aging treatment options, information about the latest advancements in medicine in the field of dermatology and products effective for reducing acne and other skin issues.

Three posts we like from Laser & Mohs Dermatology of New York: 

New River Dermatology


A dermatology practice based in Virginia, New River Dermatology offers a range of services encompassing everything from laser hair removal to microdermabrasion, treatments for acne, hair loss, poison ivy, and more. The practice’s blog is a wealth of information on advancements in dermatology, including detailed information on many of the treatments offered at the practice and tips for preventing common skin problems.

Three posts we like from New River Dermatology: 

Old Metairie Dermatology


Dr. Patricia K. Farris, a board certified dermatologist and nationally recognized expert on anti-aging therapies, and Dr. Nicole Rogers, an accomplished hair transplant surgeon and board-certified dermatologist, are the leading practitioners serving patients at Old Metairie Dermatology. They share their expertise not only with patients in their office but with people everywhere through their practice blog, where you’ll find out about the leading treatments for various skin conditions, anti-aging treatments, how dermatologic procedures work, and much more.

Three posts we like from Old Metairie Dermatology: 

Penn Medicine – Dermatology


Penn Medicine News provides news on biomedical research, patient care, and medical education at the University of Pennsylvania. The Dermatology section is a reputable source of information on everything surrounding the practice of dermatology, including the latest research, trends, and other information of use for both practitioners and patients.

Three posts we like from Penn Medicine – Dermatology: 

Pinnacle Dermatology


At the Pinnacle Dermatology blog, you’ll find information about specials and events happening at the practice as well as information on preventing skin cancer, the importance of a yearly skin exam, and other helpful information on maintaining healthy skin and avoiding common skin issues.

Three posts we like from Pinnacle Dermatology: 

Poway Dermatology


Providing dermatology services to meet the medical, cosmetic, and surgical needs of patients, Poway Dermatology is a full-service dermatology practice. The practice’s blog is a valuable source of detailed and comprehensive information on many skin conditions, ranging from allergic contact dermatitis to acrochordon (skin tags) and more.

Three posts we like from Poway Dermatology: 

Premier Dermatology


The Premier Dermatology blog offers information on many areas within the broad spectrum of dermatology, ranging from tips for getting rid of head lice to anti-aging tips and advice on properly applying sunscreen for maximum protection.

Three posts we like from Premier Dermatology: 

Rebecca Fitzgerald, M.D.


A board certified dermatologist, Rebecca Fitzgerald, M.D. is well-known for her cosmetic skills in the treatment of aging skin and wrinkles. Dr. Fitzgerald also has special expertise in Sculptra and dermal fillers. On her blog, Dr. Fitzgerald provides in-depth information on alternative treatments and therapies, tips for maintaining healthy skin during the summer, popular treatment options such as Botox, and much more.

Three posts we like from Rebecca Fitzgerald, MD: 



A medical doctor currently studying to become a dermatologist who has participated in a four-year research project related to melanoma and authored a book on skin health, Rolah Osman is a leading source on dermatology news and information. Her blog features posts spanning everything from products such as Retinol to tips for grooming for men and information on common practices and news impacting dermatological health.

Three posts we like from ROKderm: 

Sadick Dermatology


Sadick Dermatology maintains a detailed blog with information encompassing clinical research, cosmetic surgery, lasers, liposuction, new technologies, and more. To stay up-to-date with the latest advancements in dermatology, Sadick Dermatology is a blog to read.

Three posts we like from Sadick Dermatology: 

SCOPE Blog by Stanford University


The SCOPE Medical Blog is published by Stanford University School of Medicine. Covering all aspects of the medical field, the blog has a comprehensive section dedicated to topics in dermatology, such as reports on the latest research in the field, treatments, stem cell research, and more topics of interest to both dermatology professionals and anyone with an interest in dermatology.

Three posts we like from SCOPE Blog by Stanford University: 

Seattle Skin & Laser


A Seattle-area dermatology clinic specializing in medical, surgical, and cosmetic dermatology, Seattle Skin & Laser maintains an informative blog offering the latest news and information on dermatological conditions, treatment options, and tips for maintaining healthy skin and avoiding common skin conditions.

Three posts we like from Seattle Skin & Laser: 

Skin Deep – Clinical & Cosmetic Dermatology Blog


Bell Raj Eapen is the blogger behind Skin Deep – Clinical & Cosmetic Dermatology Blog, a blog for dermatologists and skin care professionals with a focus on theoretical, cosmetic, and aesthetic dermatology. You’ll find the latest information on clinical trials, other research, treatment and procedure methodologies, and more.

Three posts we like from Skin Deep – Clinical & Cosmetic Dermatology Blog: 

Skin Tour


Dr. Brandith Erwin, a board-certified dermatologist, blogger, and guest expert on Oprah, blogs at Skin Tour. She provides unbiased advice on products, procedures, and more, offering up-to-date insights on a variety of skin care topics, treatments, the latest advancements in the field, and other topics of interest.

Three posts we like from Skin Tour: 



Skinema is a blog that covers dermatology in the media. Articles cover such topics as identifying skin disorders present in films to discussing celebrities with skin conditions, analyzing photographs, and more. While not updated as frequently as some dermatology blogs, Skinema is nonetheless an interesting read for dermatology professionals who enjoy this type of analysis, and it sheds some light on the fact that even celebrities sometimes suffer from skin problems.

Three posts we like from Skinema: 

Soine Dermatology & Aesthetics


Offering general and aesthetic dermatology, Soine Dermatology & Aesthetics is a clinic based in Covington, LA and serving the Northshore area. The Soine Dermatology & Aesthetics blog covers a variety of mainstream skin care topics, such as the effect of consuming chocolate on the skin, tips for maintaining skin health throughout aging, and similar topics.

Three posts we like from Soine Dermatology & Aesthetics:

Surgical & Cosmetic Dermatology


Surgical & Cosmetic Dermatology, the clinic of David T. Harvey, M.D., serves patients in Atlanta and surrounding areas. The clinic’s motto is “bridging the gap between dermatology and plastic surgery”, and the practice’s blog is a reflection of this focus as well, offering information on noninvasive cosmetic procedures, sunscreen tips, new therapeutic and surgical approaches to skin firming and other procedures, and a wealth of other topics related to dermatology and cosmetic surgery.

Three posts we like from Surgical & Cosmetic Dermatology: 

Swann Dermatology Skin Blog


Swann Dermatology, led by Dr. Mike Swann, a Mohs surgeon, laser and cosmetic dermatologist, serves Springfield, MO and surrounding areas offering Mohs surgery and a variety of cosmetic dermatology services. The Swann Dermatology Skin Blog is a valuable resource for learning about proper skin care techniques, reducing age spots, glycation, and a variety of other skin conditions and treatment options.

Three posts we like from Swann Dermatology Skin Blog: 

Total Dermatology Blog


Nissan Pilest, M.D. is a board-certified dermatologist with over 35 years experience in corrective, cosmetic, and surgical dermatology. His practice, Total Dermatology, maintains a blog offering information on acne and acne treatments, aging eyes and hands, anti-aging therapies and treatments, and other topics on skin care and aesthetics.

Three posts we like from Total Dermatology Blog: 

University of Texas Medical Branch Dermatology Interest Group (UTMB DIG)


The University of Texas Medical Branch Dermatology Interest Group (UTMB DIG) is a resource for medical students interested in dermatology as well as dermatologists, dermatology professionals, and residents. Covering group events, UTMB news, student research projects and achievements, and general dermatology news, this is a great blog for those pursuing, interested in pursuing, or actively engaged in dermatology as a profession who want to stay abreast of professional happenings, particularly among the UTMB community.

Three posts we like from UTMB DIG: 

USF Health – Dermatology


While it’s not updated as frequently as we’d like, the USF (University of South Florida) Health – Dermatology blog is a reputable source of information on a wide variety of topics related to dermatology, encompassing everything from acne to pediatric dermatology, skin allergies and patch testing, skin cancer, vitiligo, and more. Many of the contributions to this blog are from practicing dermatologists and educators, making this an especially trusted source of information on emerging practices and clinical research.

Three posts we like from USF Health – Dermatology: 

Water’s Edge Dermatology Blog


Water’s Edge Dermatology is a family dermatology practice in Florida with more than 22 locations serving patients with all types of skin conditions and problems, including medical, cosmetic, and aesthetic dermatology. The Water’s Edge Dermatology Blog offers tips for maintaining skin health, treating acne, choosing a dermatologist, and similar information.

Three posts we like from Water’s Edge Dermatology Blog: 

Westlake Dermatology


Serving patients in Austin, Texas and surrounding areas, Westlake Dermatology is a leading dermatology practice offering the latest treatments, technologies, and options for patients with cosmetic dermatology needs. The Westlake Dermatology blog covers all the topics you’d expect related to cosmetic dermatology, including anti-aging, body contouring, food and nutrition, and more, as well as information on the latest research, trends, and cutting-edge technologies.

Three posts we like from Westlake Dermatology: 

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