Top Dental Technology Blogs: The 50 Best Blogs on Dental Technology and State-of-the-Art Dentistry

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Dentistry is an ever-advancing field, with new techniques and technologies emerging to improve the study, diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of diseases and conditions impacting the oral cavity as well as adjacent tissues and structures. With a variety of specializations within the broad field of dentistry, even general dentistry practitioners have much to stay abreast of in order to refer patients out to the most qualified specialists in the field when specialized treatment is in order.

That’s not to mention the plethora of tools and technologies dentists rely on to accurately diagnose, treat, and prevent disease within their own practices. That’s why many dentists regularly read and review clinical studies and publications from other professionals and researchers in the field, in order to equip their practices with today’s leading technology and provide the most advanced treatment and preventative services.

Many dentists find it useful to read blogs maintained by other professionals in the field, gaining real-world insights into the successes, failures, and new technologies used by their fellow dentistry professionals. Direct Capital has scoured the web in search of 50 of the best, most valuable, informative, and up-to-date blogs covering dental technologies dentists are using every day. Listed in no particular order of importance, we’ve named our picks for the top 50 dental technology blogs below.

Please note that the following 50 blogs are listed in no particular order. 

1. Marty Jablow, D.M.D. – America’s Dental Technology Coach


Marty Jablow, D.M.D. is also known as “America’s Dental Technology Coach.” Dr. Jablow, who practices general dentistry in a group setting in Woodbridge, New Jersey, promotes the use of technology in the dental office to improve efficiency and patient care. His blog is a valuable resource for staying abreast of the latest dental news and dental technology advancements, offering press releases, product announcements and reviews, clinical studies, and much more.

Three posts we like from Marty Jablow, D.M.D.: 

2. Ask Dr. Spindel


Dr. Lawrence Spindel has been practicing in Midtown Manhattan for more than 25 years, offering cosmetic and implant dentistry services to patients in the New York City area. On the Ask Dr. Spindel blog, Dr. Spindel answers questions and provides education on all things dentistry.

Three posts we like from Ask Dr. Spindel: 

3. Off the Cusp


Providing technology, products, services, and programs to enhance the dental practice lifestyle and patient experience, Patterson Dental offers a full spectrum of valuable products and services for dentists. The company’s blog, Off the Cusp, is no exception, providing regularly updated, valuable insights on the ever-changing dental industry from a diverse group of contributors, spanning experts in dental practice management, social media, marketing, dental office technology and equipment, and more.

Three posts we like from Off the Cusp: 

4. The Daily Grind


The Daily Grind is the official blog of the Academy of General Dentistry, aiming to provide a glimpse into the life of general dentists practicing in the modern environment. The posts you’ll find here offer perspectives on dental practice management or balancing life outside of your practice.

Three posts we like from The Daily Grind: 

5. The Digital Dentist


Dr. Lorne Lavine, also known as The Digital Dentist, provides the latest technology news you can use for your dental practice. If you’re considering adding or upgrading technology systems in your practice, this is the blog for you.

Three posts we like from The Digital Dentist: 

6. Dental Products Report


For a comprehensive resource on all things related to dental practice management, hygiene, laboratory, products, and services, and of course technology, you’ve come to the right place if you’ve landed on Dental Products Report. From webinars and e-books to in-depth articles offering tips and insights on the latest technology advancements for dental practices, Dental Products Report is your go-to source for product reviews, information, and technology advice and education.

Three posts we like from Dental Products Report: 

7. Dentistry IQ


For the latest dental news and exclusive stories, dentists turn to Dentistry IQ. The site features blogs by a multitude of contributors, including a section dedicated exclusively to dental technology, newsletters, videos, and even a job board for dental professionals seeking employment opportunities.

Three posts we like from Dentistry IQ: 

8. Dentistry Business


Dentistry Business is a leading source for business and marketing tips for better managing your dental practice. From marketing to general business, social media, human resources, and even dental forms, Dentistry Business provides all the tools you need to manage and market your practice.

Three posts we like from Dentistry Business: 

9. The Dental Warrior


Blogger Mike has been a dentist since 1988. With a passion for all things dentistry, Mike is a long-time participant in online dental communities, and after a popular community to which he was a regular contributor shut down, he decided to continue sharing his insights and honesty at The Dental Warrior.

Three posts we like from The Dental Warrior: 

10. Dentistry Today


The nation’s leading clinical news magazine for dentists, Dentistry Today is simply a must-read publication for dental professionals. From science and medicine news to product information, practice management tips, and more, Dentistry Today is your source for all things related to managing a modern dental practice.

Three posts we like from Dentistry Today: 

11. The Dental Geek


The Dental Geek isn’t your ordinary dental industry blog; it’s a place where dental professionals can read about and communicate openly on the most pressing industry topics of the day. Launched in 2009, The Dental Geek was founded by a group of healthcare marketing specialists who focus on the dental field.

Three posts we like from The Dental Geek: 

12. Emmott on Technology


With more than 30 years of experience as a practicing general dentist, Dr. Larry Emmott is recognized as a leading dental high tech authority in the U.S. A recognized writer and public speaker, Dr. Emmott has addressed hundreds of professional groups and has been a featured speaker at every major U.S. dental meeting. You can gain insights from Dr. Larry Emmott anytime, anywhere at Emmott on Technology.

Three posts we like from Emmott on Technology: 

13. Inside Dental Technology (IDT)


Inside Dental Technology is a leading peer-reviewed publication providing credible insights for dental professionals. While not technically a blog, Inside Dental Technology features publication archives on its website, along with e-books and other resources for today’s professionals to stay abreast of the latest technology in the field.

Three posts we like from Inside Dental Technology: 

14. John Flucke’s Dental Technology Blog


The Chief Dental Editor of Dental Products Report Magazine, Dr. John Flucke is dentistry’s “Technology Evangelist.” His blog is rich with insights and information on emerging and newly established dental technologies to aid today’s professionals in running and managing a technologically advanced practice.

Three posts we like from John Flucke’s Dental Technology Blog: 

15. Mouthing Off


The blog of the American Student Dental Association, Mouthing Off is a must-read blog for any student studying dentistry. From dental news to videos, news about the ASDA, features, and special information for predoctoral and predental students, the ASDA’s Mouthing Off blog intended for anyone with an interest in a career in dentistry, as well as those currently enrolled in dental school.

Three posts we like from Mouthing Off: 

16. Dentaltown


No dentist will ever practice “solo” again with Dentaltown, a leading industry publication and online community designed to keep dental professionals up-to-date with the latest industry technology and related news. With more than 185,000 members, it’s the largest dental community in the world.

Three posts we like from Dentaltown: 

17. Journal of Dental Technology (JDT Unbound) 


The Journal of Dental Technology and JDT Unbound features the work of multiple columnists who offer the latest dental industry news, unique perspectives on practice management, tips for human resources management and the many ins and outs of running and managing a dental practice today.

Three posts we like from the Journal of Dental Technology: 

18. The Curious Dentist


The Curious Dentist aims to provide you with detailed, updated information to help you treat your patients and run your practice. Run by Chris Salierno, DDS, a nationally-recognized author and lecturer, The Curious Dentist is a worthy read.

Three posts we like from The Curious Dentist: 

19. MedWorm – Dentistry


MedWorm is a medical RSS feed provider making it easy to get the most up-to-date blog posts and articles in a single feed. Aggregating and delivering information from thousands of credible sources, MedWorm provides a valuable information stream for dental professionals and related practitioners who want to stay abreast of the latest clinical trials and articles from the leading industry peer-reviewed journals.

Three posts we like from MedWorm – Dentistry: 

20. MDLinx – Dentistry


MDLinx ranks, sorts, and summarizes the latest clinical articles in the medical field, including a section dedicated to dentistry news. Reviewing and curating information from thousands of medical journals and credible health sources, MDLinx provides another easily accessible source for staying on top of the latest clinical research and the most credible studies and analysis impacting the dental industry.

Three posts we like from MDLinx – Dentistry: 

21. Medical News Today – Dentistry


Medical News Today reports on the latest, breaking health news, with a section dedicated to today’s most pressing news and analysis impacting the field of dentistry. Founded in 2003, Medical News Today has established itself as a market leader for medical news. For concise and accurate dental industry information, Medical News Today is a must-read blog.

Three posts we like from Medical News Today – Dentistry: 

22. ScienceDaily – Dentistry News


ScienceDaily is the go-to source for breaking news about the latest discoveries in science, health, the environment, and technology. With a section dedicated exclusively to dentistry news, ScienceDaily is also an excellent blog to add to your daily dental industry reading list.

Three posts we like from ScienceDaily – Dentistry News:

23. The Tooth Booth Dental Blog


Hans Skariah, B.Sc. DMD is the senior dentist at Promenade Court Dental in Mississauga and an associate dentist at the Tavistock Dental Health Group. His interests lie in clinical dentistry with an emphasis on restorative dentistry, implants, and dental research, topics he covers regularly at The Tooth Booth Dental Blog.

Three posts we like from The Tooth Booth Dental Blog: 

24. Dr. Bicuspid


Dr. Bicuspid is a membership-based website for dentists with the goal of delivering useful, trustworthy, and relevant news, features, and columns for enhancing practice efficiency and profitability, all while providing a better patient experience. A variety of expert contributors offer insights on the latest dental technology, tips for better practice management, and other news impacting the industry.

Three posts we like from Dr. Bicuspid: 

25. Goldin, Peiser & Peiser, LLP


Goldin, Peiser & Peiser, LLP specializes in tailored services in financial, management, and operational functions in the dental industry. With more than 25 years of experience in the industry, Goldin, Peiser & Peiser serves dentists in the Dallas-Ft. Worth Metroplex with strategies and tactics for creating good financial habits — one of the hallmarks of a successful practice. On the company’s blog, you’ll find a plethora of operational tips and strategies for managing and running your practice with maximum effectiveness.

Three posts we like from Goldin, Peiser & Peiser, LLP: 

26. Go Ask Fred


Fred Joyal is the founder of Futuredontics, the parent company of 1-800-DENTIST, and a leading dental industry marketing expert. At Go Ask Fred, Joyal blogs about all things marketing for the dental industry, ranging from social media tips to customer satisfaction and modern marketing technologies dentists should be taking advantage of.

Three posts we like from Go Ask Fred: 

27. The Studio for Exceptional Dentistry


The Studio for Exceptional Dentistry is a premier dental practice in Colorado Springs for general, cosmetic, and implant dentistry. Led by Dr. Andrew Hall, DMD, The Studio for Exceptional Dentistry features an informative blog with a variety of relevant and timely information on emerging dental technologies, tips for oral health, and more.

Three posts we like from The Studio for Exceptional Dentistry: 

28. New Dentist Now


The American Dental Association is a blog managed by the New Dentist Committee of the American Dental Association, focused on offering information and insights for new dentists seeking employment, starting their own dental practices, and strategies for managing and marketing their practices as a new dentist. Both students and new dental practitioners will find the blog useful for learning about industry events and conferences, as well as continuing education and other strategies for success.

Three posts we like from New Dentist Now: 

29. Kevin C. Dickinson Dentistry


A Savannah, Georgia-based dental practice, Kevin C. Dickinson Dentistry offers a variety of cosmetic dentistry services including teeth whitening, dental implants, veneers, and more. The practice also maintains an informative blog which, while the content is at times directed to the patient audience, provides valuable information on cosmetic dentistry technology and other news relevant to both patients and practitioners.

Three posts we like from Kevin C. Dickinson Dentistry: 

30. Veterinary Dentistry Today


Brett Beckman is a professional speaker and specialist in veterinary dentistry and pain management. On his blog, Veterinary Dentistry Today, Beckman shares real-world insights from his work as well as tips and techniques he has learned about veterinary dentistry through his 27 years of practice.

Three posts we like from Veterinary Dentistry Today: 

31. Advanced Implantology and Digital Dentistry


Francisco Barbosa, DDS, is an oral implantologist interested in research and new technologies about oral healthcare. On his website, Advanced Implantology and Digital Dentistry, visitors can access a variety of free and informative learning resources, hands-on training programs and courses, keynote illustrations, and more. An articles section includes articles about biology, digital tips, and other information about Dr. Barbosa’s practice and expertise.

Three posts we like from Advanced Implantology and Digital Dentistry:

32. Niche Dental


Niche Dental is owned by Dick Chwalek, a brand strategist and marketing consultant exclusively serving the dental industry. On the Niche Dental blog, you’ll find valuable tips and strategies for social media marketing, branding, communications, and much more to help you market your practice effectively. Additionally, a news section on the company’s main website is worth a look.

Three posts we like from Niche Dental: 

33. Dental Implant Professional


Dental Implant Professional focuses on dental implant surgery and periodontal disease control, offering a multitude of mini case studies, complete with pre-op and post-op photos, illustrating and describing various techniques for treating periodontal disease and performing dental implant surgery.

Three posts we like from Dental Implant Professional: 

34. Mansfield Dental Center


Mansfield Dental Center is a dental clinic located in Mansfield, Texas, offering an array of dentistry services to local patients. The Mansfield Dental Center also maintains a comprehensive website with an abundance of information for patients and fellow dental professionals. While the blog is focused primarily on consumers, some of the content offers information on surgical techniques and other dental technology professionals will find useful.

Three posts we like from Mansfield Dental Center: 

35. NYC Dentist


Dr. Jeffrey Dorman blogs at NYC Dentist, where he shares insights from his practice, The Center for Special Dentistry®. The Center for Special Dentistry is a multi-specialty practice that offers creative solutions for complex dentistry. You’ll find news, information on insurance coverage, such as Medicare and Medicaid, and other informative content.

Three posts we like from NYC Dentist:

36. DentalEZ


DentalEZ is the umbrella company for six brands, including StarDental®, DentalEZ®, RAMVAC®, CustomAir®, NevinLabs & Columbia Dentoform, providing products and solutions for dental professionals surgical needs. The DentalEZ blog is a regularly updated source of news and information on dental technology, events, product reviews, and more.

Three posts we like from DentalEZ: 

37. T2 Consulting


T2 Consulting is “your GPS to successful dental technology,” a design firm that specializes in helping dentists successfully integrate high technology products and systems into their practices. The company has helped more than 750 clients build more technologically advanced practices, sharing many of these same insights with readers of the company’s blog.

Three posts we like from T2 Consulting: 

38. The New Dentist


The New Dentist Magazine is a leading journal and website serving the needs of new dental professionals. The New Dentist’s mission is to help new dentists build profitable careers and achieve lifelong success in the field. The New Dentist blog is targeted towards new dentists in the first 10 years of their practice, senior dental students, and others interested in the field.

Three posts we like from The New Dentist: 

39. Dr. Edward Logan


Dr. Edward Logan blogs at, where he shares tips and insights for marketing your dental practice, managing your professional reputation, human resources, news about industry events, and other advice for running an efficient practice.

Three posts we like from Dr. Edward Logan: 

40. Exceptional Dental Practice Management


Exceptional Dental Practice Management, as its name suggests, is a blog dedicated to helping today’s dental professionals better manage their practices. From human resources information to reputation management and other topics of interest for today’s professionals, Exceptional Dental Practice Management offers a variety of insights to run your practice with maximum efficiency.

Three posts we like from Exceptional Dental Practice Management: 

41. The TAO of Dentistry


Dr. Barry Polansky has been a practicing dentist in New Jersey since 1973. Now the author of several books on dentistry, Barry shares his expertise with readers through the written word at The TAO of Dentistry, including his personal philosophical approach to dentistry that he has spent decades developing and perfecting.

Three posts we like from The TAO of Dentistry: 

42. Dental CPAs


Dental CPAs has been serving the dental industry since 1956, offering high-caliber financial guidance and support. The company’s comprehensive approach includes tax planning meetings, the ability to address special dental projects, and access to a trusted network of resources outside the firm. For the latest financial advice from leading experts in accounting, the Dental CPAs blog is one to read.

Three posts we like from Dental CPAs: 

43. Right Click Dentistry


Dentists Management Corporation is a subsidiary of ODS Health which supports hundreds of dental providers nationwide. The company’s blog, Right Click Dentistry, offers a variety of informative posts covering all aspects of dental technology, including patient facing technology, front office technology, and technology for dentists.

Three posts we like from Right Click Dentistry: 

44. SurfCT Blog


SurfCT is a dental information technology company. The SurfCT Blog, Surf’s Up!, offers the latest in information technology for the dental industry. If you’re looking to make improvements in your office technology to boost efficiency and improve patient care, this is a blog to read.

Three posts we like from SurfCT Blog: 

45. 1-800-DENTIST


1-800-DENTIST is a valuable resource for consumers who are searching for the right dentist, but also for dental professionals who need to recruit new patients as well as stay abreast of the latest industry technology. On the company’s website, a glossary section is dedicated exclusively to providing detailed explanations of the latest technological advancements in the field of dentistry.

Three posts we like from 1-800-DENTIST: 

46. Consumer Guide to Dentistry


The Consumer Guide to Dentistry is a consumer-facing resource aiding patients in locating the right local dentist for their needs. The website is a valuable source of information on all things dentistry-related, including a useful section outlining dental advances.

Three posts we like from Consumer Guide to Dentistry: 

47. Dental Clix


Dental Clix is a leading marketing consultancy serving dental professionals. The blog is a must-read resource for dentists looking to enhance their internet marketing activities to recruit new patients.

Three posts we like from Dental Clix: 

48. Viive Dental Blog


A refreshingly clean practice management system for dentists, Viive Dental also maintains a blog with updates on the latest technology and opportunities for dentists to improve practice management.

Three posts we like from Viive Dental Blog: 

49. DentalBuzz


DentalBuzz is your go-to source for independent insights on the latest trends, technology, and happenings in the dental field. With the intention of adding a bit of humor to an oft-serious field, DentalBuzz is both informative and entertaining.

Three posts we like from DentalBuzz: 

50. LocalMed Blog


LocalMed offers an online scheduling platform for dentists to make scheduling a painless, seamless part of practice management. This tool allows patients to view real-time availabilities and book confirmed appointments, 24/7. The LocalMed Blog offers interviews with practitioners and success stories, tips for streamlining scheduling, and more.

Three posts we like from LocalMed Blog: 

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