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Construction management, or construction project management, is an umbrella term to capture all that construction managers do while they plan, coordinate, and control a project from its infancy to its completion. As the economy continues to pose challenges for the construction industry, construction managers must know how to meet those challenges head-on and keep operating costs lean while growing their client base and increasing their profitability.

But, construction managers don’t need to figure out all of the possible solutions on their own. Hundreds of blogs dedicated to construction managers exist on the internet, and nearly all of them offer advice on leadership, management strategies, financing options, estimating costs, and all of the other facets of construction management.

We have narrowed the blogs to those that offer the most up-to-date information and news in the construction industry, those that offer a unique perspective on building green and considering environmental factors, those that provide financial and marketing solutions, and those that provide advice and suggestions for the latest technology, software, and application solutions to make the world of construction management a little easier to navigate. Our top blog picks for construction managers are listed below, in no particular order.

Please note: the following blogs are listed in no particular order.

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The Top Construction Management Blogs


1. Construction Management with John Chaney

Construction Management with John Chaney

Construction Management with John Chaney is the blog for Dexter + Chaney, which “has become the first construction company to deliver complete construction management software using true cloud-based technology with an intuitive web browser interface.” One of the founders of Dexter + Chaney, John Chaney authors the blog posts, which are just as useful for construction managers as the software from Dexter + Chaney.

Three posts we like from Construction Management with John Chaney:

2. Construction Finance Journal

Construction Finance Journal

Part of being a construction manager is being a part of the finances of the projects. Construction Finance Journal, “leading thought and resources for the construction financial professional,” offers several resources for the financing end of construction management, including those related to working capital, liens, and risk.

Three posts we like from Construction Finance Journal:

3. Construction Informer Blog

Construction Informer

Construction Informer Blog seeks to provide information relating to construction and allow people in the industry to participate in “free-spirited discussions about building structures and the things that makeup the built environment.” The blog covers a wide range of topics relevant to construction managers, including finance, materials, managing people, and more.

Three posts we like from Construction Informer Blog:

4. Aconex Blog

Aconex Blog

From Aconex, the company that offers the “most widely used online collaboration platform in the world for construction, infrastructure, energy and resource projects,” the Aconex Blog promotes team collaboration to help teams finish projects early and under budget. Construction managers will appreciate the posts, as they are geared toward advice, tips, and strategies for project management.

Three posts we like from Aconex Blog:

5. Beyond Design: the Construction and BIM Blog

Beyond Design

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is an essential part of planning, designing, constructing, and managing buildings, infrastructure, and utilities, and Autodesk is a leading 2D and 3D design software provider for these purposes. Beyond Design is the blog that intends to show how BIM design data can help construction managers increase productivity by improving workflows, influencing the design, and managing projects in a better way overall.

Three posts we like from Beyond Design:

6. Building Team Blog

Building Team Blog

The primary platform for Building Design + Construction’s editorial team, Building Team Blog focuses on the world of AEC (architecture, engineering, and construction). The blog is perfect for construction managers looking for opinions and information related to their business world.

Three posts we like from the Building Team Blog:

7. OAC Services

OAC Services Blog

The OAC team has successfully been involved in “niche design and construction disciplines” for years. For construction and project managers, OAC offers resources to help from planning through closeout. The blog showcases the projects and events of the OAC construction and project management team, and shows how construction managers can give back to the communities in which they work.

Three posts we like from OAC Services:

8. Klein Agency Blog

Klein Agency Blog

The Klein Agency, LLC, “specializes in helping professional firms reduce their insurance costs and enhance their coverages.” The Klein Agency specifically serves land surveyors and contractors and other areas of the construction industry who have “unique exposures which require insurance and risk management solutions.” The blog offers several posts related to liability and insurance, as well as posts related to working outdoors, that construction managers will find useful and informative.

Three posts we like from the Klein Agency Blog:

9. Construction Global

Construction Global

Construction Global is a comprehensive digital publication that includes an interactive website and magazine that strives to deliver the most up-to-date information, news, and trends from the industry. Construction managers specifically will find resources about contract awards and completion, green building, equipment, and more available from Construction Global.

Three posts we like from Construction Global:

10. CMiC Construction and Capital Project Management Blog

CMiC Construction and Capital Project Management Blog

A leading provider of advanced enterprise software solutions for construction and capital project firms, CMiC helps users access real-time information from the field and project executives to complete projects on time and within the budget. The CMiC Construction and Capital Project Management Blog covers a wide range of topics pertinent to construction managers including construction technology, construction project management, and capital projects.

Three posts we like from CMiC Construction and Capital Project Management Blog:

11. Agile Management Blog

Agile Management Blog

VersionOne, who helped to “pioneer the agile management tool,” is dedicating to delivering software more simply and helping organizations “scale their agile initiatives faster, easier, and smarter.” To that end, the Agile Management Blog serves construction managers by offering information about software, management, project management, and more.

Three posts we like from Agile Management Blog:

12. AEC-Business

AEC Business

Aarni Heiskanen, a partner at AE Partners and Executive Producer of AEC Business, authors in the hopes of sharing ideas, success stories, tools, and techniques with architecture, engineering, and construction business owners, managers, and developers. The blog, therefore, covers a wide range of topics critical to industry leaders.

Three posts we like from AEC-Business:

13. CH2M HILL – Construction Management

CH2M HILL - Construction Management

CH2M HILL has extensive, diverse project experience and is recognized as “a global leader in consulting, design, design-build, operations, and program management.” Moreover, CH2M HILL has a long history of managing construction projects and offers several services in construction management. In keeping with its broad range of expertise and services, CH2M HILL offers four blogs (Access Water, CH2M HILL Foundation, Speranza’s Postcards, and EWeek) to keep construction management readers in the know.

Three posts we like from CH2M Hill:

14. Construction Management Pro

Construction Management Pro

TCAI, LLC, is dedicated to excellence and strives to be the construction manager that approaches smaller projects with the same tools, techniques, and procedures that typically are used for larger projects. Therefore, the blog of TCAI, Construction Management Pro, covers topics of interest from small real estate investors to construction managers.

Three posts we like from Construction Management Pro:

15. ModSpace Blog

ModSpace Blog

Modular Space Corporation boasts “ a wealth of major project management expertise with a process designed to exceed the expectations of the most demanding clients.” Bringing construction news, updates, and insights, ModSpace Blog puts the organization’s expertise to good use, through posts of interest to anyone in the construction industry.

Three posts we like from ModSpace Blog:

16. Capterra Construction Management Blog

Capterra Construction Management Blog

Offering the “best tools and software to help builders and contractors succeed,” Capterra Construction Management Blog’s posts offer a great deal of insight and information into technology for today’s construction industry. Other posts focus on safety, strategies, and tips for construction managers.

Three posts we lie from Capterra Construction Management Blog:

17. Shiel Sexton Blog

Shiel Sexton Blog

Specializing in project management, field supervision, safety management, green building expertise, BIM, safety management, and quality assurance, Shiel Sexton Company is a nationwide construction management firm. The company’s blog offers a glimpse into the organization’s culture and employees, and construction managers will find it helpful to see what it’s like from the inside of a nationwide construction management blog.

Three posts we like from the Shiel Sexton Blog:

18. Construction Marketing Association Blog

Construction Marketing Association Blog

While the Construction Marketing Association (CMA) focuses on resources and support for construction marketers, it is open for membership to presidents and CEOs of construction companies, manufacturers, builders, developers, and managers in the construction industry. The blog is just one of many resources available from CMA, including white papers, web casts, conferences, and more.

Three posts we like from Construction Marketing Association Blog:

19. Jeffrey Stern’s Blog

Jeffrey Stern's Blog

Sporting more than 30 years of management experience in the building industry, Jeffrey Stern not only has the ability to coordinate large and small construction projects and is a specialist in fire protection, but he also has been involved in all aspects of the construction management process. His blog, therefore, is a regarded for its expertise on all things construction management.

Three posts we like from Jeffrey Stern’s Blog:

20. C-School Blog – Construction Management Education

C-School Blog - Construction Management Education

Sparking interest in construction, and specifically in the construction management field, is important if we are going to encourage future generations to go into the field. Michael Nelson’s blog aids in that process, as it covers current events and trends related to construction management education, including student construction competitions and student outreach.

Three posts we like from C-School Blog – Construction Management Education:

21. Cresa Blog

Cresa blog

While Cresa may be a corporate real estate advisory firm exclusively representing tenants and specializing in the “delivery of fully integrated real estate services,” they have a great deal of knowledge about project management and the building industry because of the nature of real estate. Their blog covers categories of interest to construction managers, including project management, transaction management, and the industrial field.

Three posts we like from Cresa Blog:

22. EADOC Blog


EADOC provides collaborative construction management software and realizes the challenges posed by project management; they aim to help you connect your team to avoid risks and delays. The EADOC Blog contains archives dating back to March 2007 to offer advice and tips for construction management, especially in the areas of communication, collaboration, and the technology solutions available to make those things happen more often and more efficiently.

Three posts we like from EADOC Blog:

23. Carol’s Construction Technology Blog

Carol's Construction Technology Blog

Carol Hagen is a Construction Software Specialist and Social Media Consultant for B2B and B2C. She has been an advocate for technology in the construction field for years, and her goal is to get construction firms and related organizations to move toward a paperless office and mobility. Her blog covers a wide range of topics related to her goal, from construction accounting software to mobile apps to social media and everything in-between.

Three posts we like from Carol’s Construction Technology Blog:

24. PC Construction Company Blog

PC Construction Company Blog

PC Construction is 100% employee owned and is known for going the extra mile on every job. They also use state-of-the-art technology while on the job to increase communication and make for a more efficient workflow. Their blog contains information about their employees and projects, but construction managers most likely will find their posts about organization development, sustainable construction, and technology to be most valuable.

Three posts we like from PC Construction Company Blog:

25. Constructonomics


Billed as a “construction industry blog that digs below bedrock” Constructonomics offers news and information in architecture, engineering, construction, and the real estate industry while focusing on economics, leadership, and management. The blog is the information tool of the Constructonomics company, which provides construction management and contracting services.

Three posts we like from Constructonomics:

26. Stonemark Construction Management

Stonemark Construction Management Bog

Stonemark Construction Management, “one of the West Coast’s most respected construction management firms,” is involved in all aspects of the projects, from planning to project delivery, and aims to make all construction experiences better for their clients. Their blog provides information along those same lines, and other construction managers can find advice and inspiration from Stonemark’s philosophy and information.

Three posts we like from Stonemark Construction Management:

27. Hill PCI Group – Construction Management Software Blog

Construction Management Software Blog

Hill-PCI Software Services has transitioned from a construction scheduling and claims service organization to an organization known for its software hosting, on-demand eTraining, and vast network of experts. Plus, Hill International has offered construction services for more than 30 years, so Hill-PCI Group is “committed to providing the best project controls solutions.” Their Blog combines their expertise, as it offers strategies for construction managers and mixes in technology and software solutions for the construction industry.

Three posts we like from Construction Management Software Blog:

28. Construction Management Software Insights

Construction Management Software Insights

A leading provider of “fully integrated, cloud-based construction program management software with an owner-centric focus,” e-Builder focuses on meeting repeat builders’ needs in the construction industry. With an eye toward multi-project construction programs, e-Builder’s blog is suited for construction managers, especially those who are seeking software and technology solutions for their organizations or for themselves.

Three posts we like from Construction Management Software Insights:

29. Construction Management Company Blog – DRB Consulting

Construction Management Company Blog

Based in Atlanta, DRB Consulting, LLC is a construction project management consulting firm whose professionals have extensive experience. Those team members put their expertise to work when they write their Construction Management Company Blog posts, covering such topics as budgeting, project management, and construction in general. Construction managers are sure to find the information and tips from Construction Management Company Blog useful.

Three posts we like from Construction Management Company Blog:

30. Submittal Exchange

Submittal Exchange

Submittal Exchange is the blog of Textura Corporation, which offers construction collaboration solutions. In fact, Textura’s solutions are intended for construction industry professionals in all capacities across the project lifecyle. The blog contains tips and advice on best practices for design and construction professionals, and construction managers will especially enjoy browsing the “Construction Manager” category to find information specifically for them.

Three posts we like from Submittal Exchange:

31. AECOM Blog


AECOM’s team works to “create, enhance, and sustain the world’s built, natural, and social environments.” As a fully integrated infrastructure and support services firm, AECOM employs architects, engineers, designers, planners, scientists and management and construction services professionals. With such a broad range of services and markets, AECOM shows the world what it does through its unique photoblog. Construction managers will appreciate seeing topics related to construction services and program management in photos.

Three posts we like from AECOM Blog:

32. Sage Construction and Real Estate Blog

Sage Construction and Real Estate

Sage Construction’s blog focuses on creating conversations with Sage customers, potential customers, and construction and real estate industry friends. The blog features tips, trends, product news and more – all geared toward construction industry professionals and managers.

Three posts we like from Sage Construction and Real Estate Blog:


Engineering News Record

Engineering News-Record offers news, analysis, commentary, and more for construction industry professionals who want to work more effectively. To get its content out to readers, ENR offers a weekly magazine, a website, a blog, and a series of in-person events. The site contains a plethora of information for construction managers, and it is not limited to just the blogs under the Opinion tab. Click around the site to take advantage of all has to offer.

Three posts we like from

34. Construction Today Blog

Construction Today Blog

Described as “the blog for people who build America,” the Construction Today Blog has archives that date back to 2012 to bring the most relevant information, news, and tips to people connected to the construction industry. Construction managers should take advantage of the search feature in the blog site to find articles of most interest to them.

Three posts we like from Construction Today Blog:

35. PENTA’s Construction Blog

PENTA Building Group Blog

The PENTA Building Group prides itself on focusing “entirely on our clients’ expectations and requirements.” PENTA utilizes a personalized approach to general contracting, construction management at risk, and more. PENTA’S Construction Blog features the ways in which PENTA serves the communities in which it works, and provides inspiration and ideas for construction managers wishing to do the same in their communities.

Three posts we like from PENTA’s Construction Blog:

36. Industrial Construction Strategies Blog

Industrial Construction Strategies Blog

Digital Time Capture’s blog, Industrial Construction Strategies Blog, shares information and strategies on using technology and software in the construction industry. Construction managers looking to add more technology, collaboration, and mobility to their projects should utilize the blog to learn more.

Three posts we like from Industrial Construction Strategies Blog:

37. North Carolina Construction News

North Carolina Construction News

Don’t let the name fool you: North Carolina Construction News is not targeted exclusively to that state. In fact, the blog offers news and information pertinent to the construction industry as a whole, and construction managers will find the insights provided by the posts especially helpful.

Three posts we like from North Carolina Construction News:

38. Massaro CM Services, LLC

Massaro Construction  Management Services

Massaro CM Services, LLC’s mission is “to help our workforce reach its full potential, build lasting relationships with our customers, and serve the communities in which we work.” The company strives to provide general contracting services of the highest quality. Its blog offers news and tips for those in the construction industry as well as some of the company’s accomplishments, and construction managers will benefit from seeing a company so dedicated to its clients and community.

Three posts we like from Massaro CM Services, LLC:

39. UTC News Releases

Construction Management Program Archives

Up-and-coming construction managers from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga put out news releases to share their accomplishments and various news items from their Construction Management Program. As the construction industry anticipates a huge turnover in the next few years due to the retirement of baby boomers, current construction managers should be aware of what is going on with the next generation.

Three posts we like from UTC News Releases (Construction Management Program Archives):

40. Project Leadership Guru

PLG Blog

Project Leadership Guru (PLG) is managed by project risk professionals who have extensive experience in project and program risk mitigation and risk management. The majority of the posts are related to contractors and the construction industry, and construction managers will appreciate all of the advice and strategies related to leadership.

Three posts we like from PLG:

41. Science Daily’s Construction News

Science Daily's Construction News

“One of the internet’s most popular science news web sites,” Science Daily provides the latest scientific discoveries and science news. While it may seem strange to include a science site in a list for construction managers, people in the industry know that working in a field that requires innovative materials and energy-related issues requires scientific knowledge.

Three posts we like from Science Daily’s Construction News:

42. Construction Marketing Ideas

Construction Marketing Ideas

Construction Marketing Ideas blog, under the leadership of Mark Buckshon, began as “practical strategies and resources to attract and retain clients for your architectural, engineering, or construction business” and has grown to “social media and marketing for architectural, engineering, and construction companies.” The result is a blog that provides “what you really need to know to achieve profitable results.” At the end of the day, construction managers can rely on the Construction Marketing Ideas blog to for advice and strategies for increasing profitability.

Three posts we like from Construction Marketing Ideas:

43. Jetson Green

Jetson Green

With a focus on sustainable homes, natural materials, and green technology, Jetson Green offers a more specialized approach to the world of construction management blogs. Construction managers can look to Jetson Green for tips and strategies on this new direction in building with the environment in mind.

Three posts we like from Jetson Green:

44. Will Hughes

Will Hughes

A professor of construction management and economics, Will Hughes offers his blog expertise on the two topics to his web audience. Covering a wide range of issues from construction management to architecture to research, Will’s blog is a helpful resource for construction managers.

Three posts we like from Will Hughes:

45. Planting Acorns

Planting Acorns

Merrill Stewart, founder and president of Stewart Perry, looks to remind people in the construction industry (and really in any line of business) that it is important to go beyond business and consider the relationships and people with whom you interact. The Planting Acorns Blog, is about helping construction industry leaders change their way of thinking to do the right things and essentially “plant an acorn. Watch it grow.” As leaders, construction managers may be the best choice for planning the first acorns in their companies.

Three posts we like from Planting Acorns:

46. Construction Cost Estimating Blog

Construction Cost Estimating Blog

One necessity of being a construction manager is keeping an eye on the costs of projects and being able to forecast projects correctly and efficiently from the very beginning. The Construction Cost Estimating Blog lives up to its billing, and construction managers would be wise to check out all of the advice and tips offered on the blog.

Three posts we like from Construction Cost Estimating Blog:

47. Aronson Construction Report

Aronson Construction Report

“The Mid-Atlantic region’s premier accounting and consulting firm,” Aronson LLC employs construction, real estate, and other experts who provide “innovative audit, tax, and consulting services that help its clients move to the next level.” The Aronson Construction Report is especially helpful for construction managers looking for business insight, tax tips, financial issues, and more information written by industry experts.

Three posts we like from Aronson Construction Report:

48. SiteWise Blog

SiteWise Blog

The blog of HGC Construction, SiteWise Blog is authored by project managers, cost and project engineers, and other industry insiders. The information on the blog, then, is written by construction professionals, for construction professionals, so construction managers can rest easy when relying on the SiteWise Blog for information.

Three posts we like from SiteWise Blog:

49. Procore’s Construction Software Blog

Procore's Construction Software Blog

Procore’s cloud-based construction software is trusted by construction industry professionals, and their blog should be, too. Offering advice and tips for construction managers and executives, Procore’s Construction Software Blog covers topics from controlling site waste to procuring more clients.

Three posts we like from Procore’s Construction Software Blog:

50. Conger Construction Group Blog

Conger Construction Group Blog

Formerly G/C Contracting Group, Conger Construction Group has played an important part in construction projects of all sizes with various delivery methods for more than 20 years. Known for its integrity, the company also provides a blog to showcase its projects and share their strategies for completing them.

Three posts we like from Conger Construction Group Blog:


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