Top Benefits of Giving Back

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Direct Capital’s ten core values are of equal importance to our business, so much so that we dedicate entire months to each one. This month – May – we celebrate the core value “Give.”

In 2014, our company donated almost $230,000 to local charities across New Hampshire so it’s safe to say giving is something that we are extremely passionate about. But giving comes in many forms and to properly acknowledge this month’s core value, we’re going to be giving back to you!

How? Well, we want to show you all of the ways you can give back; ways you may not have considered ‘giving’ before. We also want you to understand the complete benefits you and your business will receive when you give back.

How You Can Donate

When you think of giving to charity, do you instantly think of a monetary donation? Most people would, but this isn’t the only way you can give. The truth is giving to others means so much more than just providing money.

By now you’ve heard the phrase ‘Pay it Forward.’ This movement is taking over the world and it’s all made possible by people doing random acts of kindness. Whether it’s paying for someone’s coffee, holding the door, or donating unused towels and clothes to a local shelter – you’re providing someone with something that will brighten their day.

This is all it takes to give. Yes, monetary donations help large organizations provide for the many, but you can also give back to the few. Both make a huge difference, and we encourage you to pay it forward as many times as you can!

Why Pay it Forward

  1. It feels good: First and foremost, your overarching reason for giving back to your community should be because you get to help people. Helping others makes you feel good, like you contributed to another person’s happiness. And who wouldn’t want that?
  2. Build a positive brand image: Put yourself into your customers’ shoes for a minute. Which type of business would you rather support – one who participates in community-building activities or one who doesn’t? Showing that you care about the people and the community you are a part of goes a long way.
  3. Passing the good deeds on: The whole idea of Pay it Forward is to keep the trend going, so if you pay for someone’s coffee, they are supposed to pay for the next person’s and so on. By doing one random act of kindness, you are helping your community be better as a whole.
  4. Make lasting connections: Sponsoring a local event or even giving your time at a local food shelter will give you the opportunity to get to know many different people from all walks of life. Even as the founder and president of a company, your networking arm is never long enough. Continue building those relationships because you never know when you’ll need them.

John D. Rockefeller Jr. said, “Think of giving not as a duty, but as a privilege.” To us, giving is a privilege and we hope you now think of it that way, too.

For more information on Direct Capital, or to discover other ways that we give back, visit our website!

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