Top 50 Automotive and Mechanics Blogs: The Best Industry Blogs on Auto Technology and Auto Repair

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Whether you are a mechanic or a car enthusiast, there is a lot you can learn from your fellow mechanics, automotive repair professionals, and car lovers. Some of these people have taken their work and automotive interests to the blogging world, and they have a wealth of expertise, experience, and stories to share. From repair tips and advice to unique approaches to car maintenance, these bloggers write about it all when it comes to mechanics and automotive topics.

Direct Capital‘s list of top 50 mechanics/automotive blogs feature people who have been in the business for years. Some are on a mission to help DIY mechanics, while others stress the importance of leaving your automotive repair to the professionals. Either way, these blogs are full of know-how to help you in your quest to keep your clients’ and your own automobiles in tip-top shape.

Please note, we have listed our top 50 mechanics/automotive blogs here, in no particular order.

1. Popular Mechanics

Popular Mechanics

Popular Mechanics is known for sharing the best information in tech, science, aerospace, DIY, and auto news. Their Popular Mechanics Cars blog shares all the latest advancements and innovation in automotive news, from driverless cars to tools for automotive repair.

Three posts we like from Popular Mechanics:

2. Auto Blog

Auto Blog “obsessively” covers the auto industry. The blog features research, news and reviews, videos, a forum, and more for all things automotive. Site visitors can search new or used car by make, model, or style and “read, shop, and share everything on wheels” at Auto Blog.

Three posts we like from Auto Blog:

3. Car Talk

Car Talk

Car Talk is a nationally-beloved NPR radio show that was hosted by brothers Tom and Ray Magliozzi, known as “Click and Clack, the Tappet Brothers,” for 37 years. The award-winning hit comedy show stopped recording in 2012, as Tom’s Alzheimer’s disease progressed, but it continues to air as edited reruns on NPR affiliates. Car Talk features blogs and contributors, but Dear Car Talk is among the most popular of the blogs because of the humorous answer and advice it offers in response to people’s questions.

Three posts we like from Car Talk:

4. Matthew’s Auto Repair Blog

Matthew's Auto Repair Blog

Matthew Wright is the Matthew behind Matthew’s Auto Repair Blog. He is a self-described “car repair helper, money saver, classic Porsche builder, and advice giver.” His automotive advice and auto repair posts are straightforward and share his expertise in an easy-to-understand way.

Three posts we like from Matthew’s Auto Repair Blog:

5. Mechanics Hub

Mechanics Hub

Mechanics Hub is an online home for heavy duty mechanics. Mechanics Hub blogs include Life Lessons With an Apprenticing Mechanic, Rookie in Blue, School Bus Mechanic, and Hub Guest Blog. If heavy-duty mechanics is your niche, Mechanics Hub is the blog spot for you.

Three posts we like from Mechanics Hub:

6. Jalopnik


Jalopnik is a haven for those “obsessed with the cult of cars.” The blog features news, videos, tips, and about top car makers, the latest technology to hit the automotive industry, and more. Jalopnik is not your average mechanic or automotive blog, in the sense that the tone of their articles often is sarcastic or humorous. Readers definitely are in for a unique reading experience when they visit Jalopnik.

Three posts we like from Jalopnik:

7. offers DIY auto repair advice from a mechanic. The blogger at hopes to help people learn how to repair and maintain their vehicles with the tips he shares on the blog, including how to troubleshoot problems, whether they should attempt to fix the problem themselves, and what the repair should cost.

Three posts we like from

8. Robert’s Auto Repair Blog

Robert's Auto Repair Blog

Robert’s Auto Repair specializes in auto repair, body repair, tire service, and detail service. Their blog is a wealth of automotive and mechanic information, with archives dating back to March 2010 and categories including auto body, auto maintenance, auto repair, and tire service, among others.

Three posts we like from Robert’s Auto Repair Blog:

9. Car Repair Blog for DIY Auto Repairs
@mgme Car Repair Blog for DIY Auto Repairs

Mark, a professional certified master technician with 30 years of experience in the business, offers auto repair advice and tips for fixing cars at home at the Care Repair Blog. The blog contains information about DIY auto repairs, diagnostic troubleshooting, test procedures, and factory-issued technical service bulletins.

Three posts we like from Car Repair Blog for DIY Auto Repairs:

10. All About Automotive

All About Automotive

All About Automotive is an automotive service and repair facility in Gresham, Oregon. Their shop offers complete automotive service and repair, and the blog covers categories that include brakes, wheels, and tires, clutches, cooling systems, and more.

Three posts we like from All About Automotive:

11. EricTheCarGuy


EricTheCarGuy is a great place for how-to auto repair videos. The blog includes links to videos, newsletters, troubleshooting FAQ, a forum, and more to help people diagnose and maybe even fix their car problems.

Three posts we like from EricTheCarGuy:

12. The Family Handyman: Automotive

The Family Handyman Automotive

Family Handyman magazine seeks to help do-it-yourselfers with practical ways to improve their homes, yards, and lives. Their automotive blog provides just the right advice and information for people who want to be DIY mechanics, too. Repair and maintain your car with the projects and tips offered by The Family Handyman: Automotive.

Three posts we like from The Family Handyman: Automotive:


Auto Repair Questions

Get free automotive repair advice and answers from mechanics at Resources include free wiring diagrams, free auto repair estimates, auto repair manuals, and more. An extremely user-friendly blog, allows visitors to search thousands of already answered car questions or to click to ask a mechanic.

Three posts we like from

14. National Tool Warehouse

National Tool Warehouse

National Tool Warehouse provides quality automotive tools to help mechanics and DIY home mechanics repair cars more efficiently. The National Tool Warehouse blog is geared more toward DIY mechanics and includes everything from body fillers and putties to lifts and jacks. The National Tool Warehouse blog also features motorcycles, sports cars, and trucks categories to help DIY mechanics with nearly any type of vehicle.

Three posts we like from National Tool Warehouse:

15. Car Repair Information from MasterTechMark

Car Repair Information From MasterTechMark

Mark Gittelman is MasterTechMark. He is an automotive technical writer and master auto mechanic who fixes cars and restores classic cars. The blog contains links to automobile technology, automotive news, alternative fuel, automotive parts, and auto repair information.

Three posts we like from Sloppy Mechanics:

16. Don’t Get Wrenched

Don't Get Wrenched

Don’t Get Wrenched is a site designed to help auto repair customers know as much as possible about auto repair so that they can protect themselves from costly repair costs. Archives date back to January 2011 and feature the knowledge of Elayne Kling, owner of a downtown Manhattan auto repair shop for 20 years. She especially loves sharing her wisdom and helping women and men learn how to handle repair shops and become more informed customers.

Three posts we like from Don’t Get Wrenched:

17. DenLors Tools Auto Blog

DenLors Tools Auto Blog

Dennis Bandy is an ASE Certified Master Auto Technician and one of the owners of DenLoors Tools Plus, LLC. He writes for the DenLors Tools Auto Blog and shares his knowledge of auto repairs and auto tools on dozens of topics, such as air conditioning, auto specialty tools, and how-to DIY auto repair.

Three posts we like from DenLors Tools Auto Blog:

18. BuyAutoParts Blog

BuyAutoParts Blog

BuyAutoParts Blog shares information about car parts, automotive repair advice, DIY auto repair, and repair cost savings. Blog categories include air conditioning, car safety, steering, suspension, and how-to posts, among others.

Three posts we like from BuyAutoParts Blog:

19. Automotive Training Center

Automotive Training Center

Automotive Training Center specializes in technician training for the automotive and marine service industries. They seek to make trainees the best professionals possible upon training completion, and their blog is a space for informative posts for mechanics and auto repair technicians.

Three posts we like from Automotive Training Center:

20. Import Auto Repair

Import Auto Repair

Import Auto Repair offers helpful car tips and tips on auto repair for imported cars such as BMW, Audi, Mercedes, Porsche, and Volkswagen. The blog also features links to auto repair tips.

Three posts we like from Import Auto Repair:

21. Girls Auto Clinic Blog

Girls Auto Clinic Blog

Girls Auto Clinic (GAC) strives to educate and empower women through cars. Owned and operated by Patrice Banks, an engineer and automotive technician, GAC  “strives to be a visionary leader in the automotive industry by changing the way the industry views and markets to women while also changing the beliefs women have towards the industry through education and niche marketing.” The straightforward and trustworthy advice offered on the Girls Auto Clinic Blog aims to empower both women and men while taking the fear and uncertainty out of the car repair process.

Three posts we like from Girls Auto Clinic Blog:

22. British American Auto Care, Inc.

British American Auto Care, Inc

Brian England has been in the auto repair business for more than 30 years. He and his wife opened British American Auto Care, a high quality, honest auto service center in Columbia, Maryland. They offer quality service on Asian, European, and American cars, and their blog covers car repairs, preventative maintenance, auto tips, green car care, and more.

Three posts we like from British American Auto Care, Inc.:

23. Know Your Parts Blog

Know Your Parts Blog

The Automotive Aftermarket Suppliers Association (AASA) started the Know Your Parts campaign hoping to share the importance of using quality parts with readers. The Know Your Parts blog contains the latest information, trends, and news in the automotive aftermarket industry for that reason, and it also provides an in-depth look at industry impacts on businesses, customers, and the automotive aftermarket industry itself.

Three posts we like from Know Your Parts Blog:

24. Car Care Tips Blog

Car Care Tips Blog

Cannon Auto Repair is a leading NAPA auto care center. Providing ASE certified automotive repairs, car maintenance, tires, brakes, and oil changes, Cannon Auto Repair is a quality shop that provides for all automotive customer needs. their Car Care Tips Blog is just as comprehensive as their care center, offering tips on everything from auto shop etiquette to regular vehicle maintenance.

Three posts we like from Car Care Tips Blog:

25. Auto Shop Management Blog

Auto Shop Management Blog

The Auto Shop Management Blog from FastTrak Auto Shop Management Systems offers expert repair shop management advice and best practices. A great spot for discussing automotive repair shop and tire store ownership and operations, Auto Shop Management Blog is for anyone looking for auto shop marketing, management, sales, or customer service tips.

Three posts we like from Auto Shop Management Blog:

26. S&H Auto & Diesel Repair

S&H Auto & Diesel Repair

S&H Auto & Diesel Repair is Idaho Falls’ premier auto and diesel repair shop. Providing hometown quality repair, S&H features a certified master mechanic with more than 25 years of experience. Their Auto Repair Blog features quality advice and tips on general auto repair, gas mileage, air filters, and more.

Three posts we like from S&H Auto & Diesel Repair:

27. No, but seriously

No, but seriously

No, but seriously is the official Car Bibles blog. From wheels to suspension, to transmissions to brakes, Car Bibles has everything you need to know for general car maintenance, including links to various “bibles” for car maintenance, plus tips for car insurance, product reviews, and improving fuel economy. No, but seriously includes posts that specifically target car maintenance and repair tips, making it an important part of the Car Bibles site.

Three posts we like from No, but seriously:

28. The Auto Repair Place

The Auto Repair Place

The Auto Repair Place is an AAA-approved auto repair center in Boulder, Colorado. With more than 40 years of experience, the Auto Repair Place features ASE-certified technicians who are known for their quality, professional service. The Auto Repair Place Blog is just as trustworthy as the repair center, and features tips and advice for car owners, car repair, and car maintenance.

Three posts we like from The Auto Repair Place:

29. Auto Works Blog

Auto Works Blog

Auto Works Automotive Service Center is an auto repair business located in Woodbury, Minnesota that is known for offering “the best warranty in the area – 2 years/24,000 miles.” Family owned and operated since 1993, Auto Works is ASE certified and AAA approved. The Auto Works Blog features archives that date back to March 2011 and includes DIY and informational categories, as well as Adam’s Service Tips.

Three posts we like from Auto Works Blog:

30. Teson Automotive Car Repair and Maintenance

Teson Automotive Car Repair and Maintenance

Teson Automotive prides itself on providing authentic small-town auto repair services, and has been doing so for the Algonquin community of Illinois since 1987. Their repair services cover everything from brake repair to oil changes, and their blog is just as comprehensive, with important car care tips, important advice, and common mistakes car owners should avoid.

Three posts we like from Teson Automotive Car Repair and Maintenance:

31. Steward Auto Repair

Steward Auto Repair

Steward Auto Repair, located in Jacksonville, Florida, is owned by Stephan Steward. For more than 20 years, Stephan has used his experience, the latest factory tools, and technology to obtain dealer registration to become a leading company in the car repair industry, and one that is recognized as an official car dealer repair facility.  The Steward Auto Repair Blog is a video blog that educates customers and provides important information for viewers.

Three posts we like from Steward Auto Repair:

32. Auto Parts Warehouse Blog

Auto Parts Warehous Blog

Auto Parts Warehouse is a leading online retailer of auto parts and accessories. They offer a vast selection of more than 2 million parts, all sold at wholesale prices. Their blog features Rate My Ride Wednesdays Roundup, tips, news, humorous car-related stories, and how-to videos. One of the more entertaining blogs to make our top mechanics/automotive blog list, Auto Parts Warehouse Blog has a little something for everyone.

Three posts we like from Auto Parts Warehouse Blog:

33. Reilly Auto Repair

Reilly Auto Repair

Located in Daytona Beach, Florida, Reilly Auto Repair serves the communities of Central Florida. As a repair center that is “large enough to serve, small enough to care,” Reilly services all brands, is GM master certified and Corvette certified, plus offers a GM specialist. Their blog covers common car issues and shares news about the repair center.

Three posts we like from Reilly Auto Repair:

34. Auto Trends

Auto Trends

Launched in 2008, Auto Trends Magazine provides a website that educates consumers about the latest cars, vehicle concepts, and automotive trends. The Auto Trends blog is independently owned, and Matt Keegan, the editor and publisher, provides useful and impartial information to readers on the blog. Everything from product reviews to concept cars to automotive industry news is available on Auto Trends.

Three posts we like from Auto Trends:

35. Smiths Auto Repairs

Smiths Auto Repairs

Smiths Auto & Truck Service Center is located in Doylestown, PA. Smiths boasts more than 50 years of experience in the automotive industry and prides themselves on same-day service and their 3-year, unlimited mileage warranty. Smiths also is a certified ATI automotive shop, which means they offer top-notch service experience for all of their customers. The Smiths Auto Repairs Blog offers advice and tips for automotive maintenance, automotive news, and more for readers.

Three posts we like from Smiths Auto Repairs:

36. Elite Auto Repair Blog

Elite Auto Repair Blog

Elite Auto Repair serves the Tempe, Chandler, and Phoenix, Arizona, areas. David Schultz, President of Elite Auto Repair, has been providing quality auto repair with his team since 2001. The Elite Auto Repair Blog covers a range of topics, including diesel engines, car care, electric cars, and more for mechanics and automotive repair aficionados.

Three posts we like from Elite Auto Repair Blog:

37. A & J Automotive Auto Repair 101 Blog

A&J Automotive Auto Repair 101 Blog

A & J Automotive has been serving Raleigh, North Carolina, and the surrounding communities for nearly 20 years. A family owned and operated auto repair facility, A & J Automotive strives to provide professional auto repair at a reasonable price by highly qualified technicians. Their Auto Repair 101 Blog is a learning center offering videos and articles that answer popular automotive questions, offer advice and tips, and address myths surrounding the auto repair industry.

Three posts we like from A & J Automotive Auto Repair 101 Blog:

38. Ken Scales Auto Repair Blog

Ken Scales Auto Repair Blog

Ken Scales Auto Repair and Diagnostics, in Medford, Oregon, specializes in foreign and domestic car repair needs. An Angie’s List 2013 Super Service Award winner, Ken Scales is the place to go for only highly trained, ASE certified automotive technicians.The Ken Scales Auto Repair Blog is full of tips and advice for car care and maintenance, and the information in the articles is trustworthy and exhibits a high level of expertise.

Three posts we like from Ken Scales Auto Repair Blog:

39. Tire Pros of Frederick

Tire Pros of Frederick

Tire Pros of Frederick serves the Frederick, Maryland, area and carries top quality brandname tires and wheels. The Tire Pros of Frederick blog dates back to 2013 and features categories such as Ask a Pro, Tire 101, and Auto Repair 101. The posts offer straightforward answers that get right to the point, so readers know exactly what the issue is, and what the tire pros recommend.

Three posts we like from Tire Pros of Frederick:

40. Chester’s Automotive Repair

Chester's Automotive Repair

Chester’s Automotive Repair, out of Phoenix, Arizona, is a certified auto repair facility. Chester’s is committed to excellence, integrity, and convenience, and their blog features the experience and expertise of Alex, the owner, who also has participated in amateur and professional racing crews, as team manger, and as a driver.

Three posts we like from Chester’s Automotive Repair:

41. Convoy Auto Repair

Convoy Auto Repair

Convoy Auto is a full service, AAA approved auto repair facility in San Diego, California. They offer car tips and information about everything from air conditioning, to headlamps, to differential service on the Convoy Auto Repair blog.

Three posts we like from Convoy Auto Repair:

42. Twin Tire & Auto Care

Twin Tire&  Auto Care

Twin Tire & Auto Care is a family-owned car care chain servicing Harvey, Hammond, and Marrero, Louisiana, that was established by twin brothers Dennis and James Richard. With three locations, Twin Tire & Auto Care has ASE certified technicians and at least one master tech at each location. Their automotive blog, Fix My Car!, covers common automotive issues and offers tips and advice for car maintenance and repairs.

Three posts we like from Twin Tire & Auto Care:

43. The Humble Mechanic

The Humble Mechanic

Charles S., the Humble Mechanic, offers honesty about fixing cars. His blog features articles and videos about car repair, vehicle maintenance, and what it’s like to be a Volkswagen mechanic. The Humble Mechanic also includes podcasts from Charles and covers topics including diesel, DIY, service, viewer questions, and many more.

Three posts we like from The Humble Mechanic:

44. Dunrite Automotive Blog

Dunrite Automotive Blog

Dunrite Automotive is an auto repair shop in St. Louis Park, Minnesota. Their automotive blog features auto repair and maintenance advice from the expert mechanics at Dunrite Automotive. With archives dating back to May 2013 and categories including auto repair, car radiator, safe driving tips, and wheel alignment, among others, Duarte Automotive Blog is a comprehensive mechanic/automotive blog.

Three posts we like from Dunrite Automotive Blog:

45. Overdrive: The Openbay Blog

Overdrive The Openbay Blog

Openbay wants to simplify auto repair with its easy-to-use app that allows users to cross-shop, book, and pay for local auto repair and maintenance. The Overdrive Blog is Openbay’s official blog that features articles on auto repair, safety, and maintenance.

Three posts we like from Overdrive: The Openbay Blog:

46. Boldwrench Car Repair Blog

Boldwrench Car Repair Blog

Boldwrench is an online platform that allows customers to look for automotive and car repair services and then find and book appointments with the car repair shop of their choice. The Boldwrench Car Repair Blog was established in December 2014 and already has a great deal of useful content regarding car care tips, DIY mechanics, general automotive advice, and more.

Three posts we like from Boldwrench Car Repair Blog:

47. Be Car Care Aware Blog

Be Car Care Aware Blog

The Car Care Council, a non-profit organization dedicated to educating motorists about the benefits of regular vehicle care, has developed a “Be Car Care Aware” consumer education campaign. To further the campaign, the Be Car Care Aware Blog features tips for keeping your vehicle safe and on the road longer. The blog also includes links to DIY, finding a shop, and asking a tech to get professional mechanic advice for your car.

Three posts we like from Be Car Care Aware Blog:

48. Oil Can Henry’s Blog

Oil Can Henry's Blog

Oil Can Henry’s provides oil changes and other preventive maintenance services that are quick, convenient, and affordable. The blog features Oil Can Henry’s Car Care Chat with questions and answers about vehicle maintenance, automotive tips, and Henry’s Hints.

Three posts we like from Oil Can Henry’s Blog:

49. The Cottman Man Blog

The Cottman Man Blog

Cottman Transmission and Total Auto Care is an auto repair and transmission company for nearly any make or model vehicle, including foreign and domestic. The Cottman Man Blog began in October 213 and features articles on auto repair, automatic transmissions, vehicle maintenance, tire and suspension, brakes, and many more.

Three posts we like from The Cottman Man Blog:

50. Eurotech Car Care Blog

Eurotech Car Care Blog

Eurotech Car Care is a full service auto repair and preventive maintenance center in the Killeen-Ft. Hood, Texas area. Qualified to repair and service all BMW, Volvo, Mercedes-Benz, Jaguar, VW, Audi, and Asian imported cars, trucks, and SUVs, Eurotech Car Care is independently owned and operated. Their blog features tips and hints for car owners of any make or model car, and also includes some articles that are especially interesting for car enthusiasts.

Three posts we like from Eurotech Car Care Blog:

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  1. I cant wait to check out some of these blogs! I’ve really wanted to start learning more about cars and auto repairs lately and I think this will help a lot. I think it can save my family some money if we knew how to do some repairs at home, so this is great! Thanks again for all the options.

  2. My son is has his own car so now I am back out there trying to show him how to do car repairs. Your blog is an excellent source of info, thanks.

  3. Unfortunately, there are too many uncaring technicians out there doing half-a**ed work. That’s what makes a good guy good. The dealership I work at is rather large, and we technicians are kind of out of the way, but we still get our tried and true customers who bring goodies to us. One example is widow in her eighties who, after her husband passed, asked to look at her car when it was up on the lift. She asked a million questions, mostly about how long her car would last, but also why the repairs we recommended were necessary. She would only speak to the tech working on her car, not just the writer. After spending 20 minutes satisfying her concerns she became a loyal customer to that tech. She always asks for her “guy”, and always brings goodies. The time spent was definitely worth it. She knows she can trust her technician, and like you said, good news travels. She volunteers at a Senior Center, and has sent a lot of work to her “guy”. Thanks Charles for reminding me why I got into the wrenching business to begin with. Serving the needs of others is a honorable way to go through this world. Stay “Humble” Brother.

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