Top 3 Uses of Working Capital

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Here at Direct Capital, we see and believe in the benefits of working capital loans for your business. Working Capital is a short-term loan that offers the most flexibility when it comes to financing options. So here we are, telling you the 3 major ways working capital loans can be utilized for your business.

  1. Unforeseen circumstances.
    Your espresso machine or company vehicle breakdown? Don’t worry; a short-term working capital loan can cover those items within a matter of days.
  1. Inventory.
    Another beneficial way you can use working capital is by taking advantage of bulk pricing on inventory. Usually with these purchases, a large upfront payment is needed for the special pricing. And this is often not something you want to miss out on.
  1. Expenses.
    With a short-term business loan, you are able to pay for things you might otherwise find unaffordable or out of your budget. This can range from marketing, getting ready for a conference, hiring new employees, or even a new location.

Yes there are 3 major benefits, but there are even more that we want you to discover. Give us a ring at 888-777-9198 or click the banner below to find out more!

Top 3 Uses of Working-Capital