Tips For Making A Big Deal Out Of A Small Business

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You’ve got a small business in a community where you have potential to grow. Now what?

If you want to take Intuit’s advice, there are a few steps you can take to promote your small business and create a buzz in the community. In fact, it doesn’t have to be particularly difficult to do, according to writer Michael Essany.

In total, the article carries four tips, which we’ll explore here.

  1. Money isn’t always the answer. You can spend an awful lot of money on advertising and see little results, especially if you’re competing in a crowded marketplace. The better solution might be to participate in community events and raise your profile by giving of your time. It’s inexpensive and it will gain you respect that loud ads in your local newspaper may not.
  2. Go with what’s “now.” Your business is not timeless. Whether it’s keeping track of major sporting events nationally and locally, following trends or even absorbing the latest in pop culture into your marketing efforts. You’re not going to be able to go toe-to-toe with a company like Doritos when it comes to the NFL’s incredibly popular  Super Bowl, but you can  tailor promotions to the big game and ride the wave of interest.
  3. Customer testimonials are key. Never underestimate the power that your customers wield in influencing others. Testimonials can be prominently featured on a company website or other materials advertising your company and do matter to fellow customers, who will begin to see you as a business to trust. That’s especially true if you can amass a large number of them.
  4. Use social media. How to subtly promote yourself without overselling? As usual, my answer is social media, and Intuit backs me up there. By engaging with your customers and the local community through services like Twitter, you can continue to build trust, a precious currency for any small business.

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  1. Ask Microsoft about their Kin or Palm about their Pre. Both spent a lot of money on TV ads and in the end, only ended up with some weird commercials and devices nobody has.

    I still think the best way to promote is to get the interest of the preteen girls. Once you have their attention, you’ve got America’s money.

    As far as customer testimonials, I feel like it doesn’t hurt to have them on your company website, but it’s not really sincere. If I see a testimonial on a companies website, I don’t really take it seriously; however, if I see a testimonial about the company on another website I’d be more likely to take it seriously.

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