This Valentine’s Day, Give Your Customers the Gift of Love

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Be Genuine and Make Your Customers Feel Important

At Direct Capital, our core values drive our business. One of our ten values is to “Make every customer experience remarkable” and today we are here to instill this in you.

Our financing expertise, matched with our innate ability to create remarkable experiences for all of our customers, has proven worthwhile. One customer said, “I have been dealing with Direct Capital for a number of years and have had nothing other than a good experience.”

We are sharing this with you to give some context to our background. While we always strive to provide the best financing options for small businesses, we also use our industry experience and years in service to provide tips to help you succeed.

How To: Make Every Customer Experience Remarkable

Surely you understand the importance of providing excellent customer service, but is it always a priority for you? As more and more tasks start filling up your to-do list, it’s natural to let other things take up your time. But, it’s important to always keep in mind that your customers make that to-do list possible. Without them, you wouldn’t have a list to make.

With Valentine’s Day only days away, we want to help make sure you are giving your customers the gift of love, now and always.

  1. Be Genuine: The reality of owning a business, selling a product or service, and handling customers is that eventually you’re going to run into a problem. Someone is going to be unhappy with something and, as the owner, you will have to listen and fix the problem. It’s crucial that you are genuine about your approach, and truly listen to the concerns your customers have. If you don’t care about your customers’ happiness, and don’t immerse yourself into their problem, they will know. And they will tell you they know, which is probably worse. As Entrepreneur writes, “Don’t run from the problem, even if it’s uncomfortable.”
  2. Be Approachable and Easily Accessible: Have you ever had a bad experience somewhere? If your answer was no, you’re lying! Everyone has at some point or another, and everyone always wants to have that problem rectified in some way by the people in charge. If you are open to hearing what the problems are and are easy to approach about a solution (and then actually making that solution come true), customers – even those who had a negative experience the first time around – will be willing to give your business another shot.
  3. Make Them Feel Important: Shed a light on them, as they are the reason you are in business. You can offer paying customers exclusivity into things like sale items a day early, beta testing products before a release, discounts on future purchases, etc. You could also grandfather them in to certain pricing models if and when you decide to raise prices. Take Netflix for example. When their monthly fees went up, all the customers who were on board beforehand were not grandfathered in, had to pay more a month, and ultimately unsubscribed from the service as a result. Had those customers been able to keep their same monthly rates, Netflix would be in much better shape. Another option is to feature them in a customer testimonial, showcasing their story and how your business/product helped. By offering your customers things they don’t feel they could get anywhere else, you are gaining their trust and their business for life.
  4. Ask for Feedback: In many cases, customers would love to know that their perspective and their opinions mean something. Do you ever wonder how many people don’t vote in a Presidential Election for the simple fact that they think their vote “doesn’t matter”? We don’t want your customers to believe that their feedback doesn’t matter, that you don’t care about what they think of your business, product, or service. Ask them and not only are you making them feel important, but you could end up bettering your business in the long run.
  5. Follow Up on That Feedback: This is important to mention because hearing what people have to say only matters when you take action. If your customers’ number one complaint is that the lines are always too long, and you don’t address it, do you think those customers will come back? Probably not, because they gave you specific areas you could improve upon to make their experience better, and you didn’t act on it.
  6. Say Thank You: While manners may not be a deal breaker for everyone, the majority of people recognize when employees thank them for their business. No matter the purchase, you and your employees should always make it a point to thank your customers for coming in. And whenever possible, try to make yourself present. Customers will appreciate the owner of the business personally coming over to thank them.

Now, It’s Your Turn

We urge you to try to make these 6 things a priority for each and every customer that does business with you, and then come back and share the results with us.

Do your customers seem happy? Have you noticed an increase in repeat customers? What have you done to make every customer experience remarkable? We want to know!

Leave us a comment or send us a tweet (@DirectCapital) and we will feature your “Remarkable Customer Experience” stories at a later date!

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