The Weekend Games Leave Our Blogger’s NCAA Bracket In Shambles

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I went off the grid a bit this weekend, checking in on college basketball scores only a handful of times. Looking over my bracket this morning ended up being kind of like getting punched in the stomach repeatedly as a result.

As of now, only two of the teams I picked to make the Final Four are even still in the tournament. The right side of my bracket—featuring the Southwest and Southeast divisions—are basically smoldering wreckage at this point, with Notre Dame and Wofford going down in surprising and unsurprising fashion, respectively.

In the East and West, I have North Carolina and Duke still alive. Duke is the only team I picked still standing in the West, while the East is relatively intact. Marquette is the only team that has defied my expectations, beating up on Xavier and Syracuse. My only chance of salvaging dignity is North Carolina winning the whole thing.

My downfall this year was a smooth and creamy blend of underdog upsets—VCU? Really?—and good old fashioned whuppings handed down by superior teams. It’s a balancing act every year to figure out what teams are likely to score upsets and which top seeds are all but invincible, and I’m a one-legged man on a tight rope made of Twizzlers.

While I extend my streak of failure to at least a decade, I am finding silver linings. It is fun to watch Cinderella teams like VCU stuff their feet into glass slippers, and if they could somehow get by Kansas and into the Final Four, it’d make for very compelling television. And heck, it’s fun to hate Duke, right?

How’s your bracket doing? Let us know.


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