The State Of Small Business, In Infographic Form

Small Business Outlook in America, Direct Capital
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Last week, we asked if some of the economic signs were heralding a second recession. That would be the so-called double dip that many have feared, and it’s obviously a frightening prospect.

We also made an argument that small businesses are stronger than they were a couple of years ago thanks to the baptism by fire, and as long as lenders like Direct Capital continue to step up and offer attractive financing, a double dip might be much shallower than the first recession.

We’ve tapped into the complexities of today’s economy to produce a new infographic. Within, you’ll find a look at the bankruptcy numbers from the tail end of the recession, how many businesses were opening and closing even in the worst times this country’s seen in a couple of decades and where small business confidence stands today. We hope it will help you appreciate where we are today and why maybe things aren’t quite as bad as they may seem with the news swirling around today.

Small Business Outlook in America, Direct Capital

We hope that you’ll find this infographic interesting and a little illuminating. We also hope it will lead you to a conversation with your fellow small businesses about what’s ahead, because it’s always good to do a little planning.

Please let us know what you think of this, and where your small business stands today.

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