The Stanley Cup and Your Business

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Holy Hockey! How about those Stanley Cup Finalists?! If you haven’t been watching, it’s now down to the San Jose Sharks and the Pittsburgh Penguins, two titans of their conference going head-to-head to be the champions. If you’re like me and you have alarms set to remind you to turn the games on, you are already one step ahead. But if you aren’t, it’s okay, I’ll show you how you can actually benefit from watching one of the best sports in American history.

Did you know that having a successful business is kind of like being a successful hockey team? It’s true, and here’s how to do it.

You have to want it.

Goals don’t mean much when you aren’t committed to achieving them. From the hockey team on the ice to your employees in the office, everyone has to know what needs to be done. There are some teams and employees that have objectives hanging over their heads, but they don’t want it enough to make it happen. They just coast by and do what’s needed to be done and nothing more. Star players burn through their shift and give their all 100% of the time.

Teamwork makes the dream-work.

In any type of sport or office environment, teamwork makes the world go around. Superstars create success by working together with their team members to increase productivity. At times before seeing historical goals take place, someone will pass the puck to the goal scorer. Teamwork is accomplished through proper communication and knowing when it’s time to pass the puck. A forward can’t score a goal if they didn’t know the puck was going to be passed to them, right?


Have you ever heard someone say that they are hungry for success or hungry to win? The coach wants players on the ice, no matter the position, to be hungry for the puck. This relates directly to your sales team, and how your sales manager wants his or her employees to be hungry for the sale. If they’re hungry for the sale, they’ll hit their goal. When they make goals, they become the best.

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