The Running Nuns 5k Is On September 2

Running Nuns 5k
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St. Charles Children’s Home in Rochester, New Hampshire, is a place where children go to heal. It’s also a place where they can run.

We’ve chronicled the story of the Running Nuns of St. Charles before, but here’s a quick primer. The nuns at St. Charles take in young children who have exhibited significant behavioral problems and work with them, run with them and nurture them.

Direct Capital has been donating to and working with St. Charles for a few years now, and we were honored to host Sister Mary Agnes

Sister Mary Agnes told us the story of one fifth-grader who had a history of violent behavior. After running with the nuns, learning to ride a bike, working on his homework and learning not to resort to that behavior, the boy raised his grades and found a new passion for learning about animals. There have been hundreds of these success stories at St. Charles since its inception.

The home’s annual fundraiser is the Running Nuns 5k, where hundreds of runners and the nuns themselves take to the streets of Rochester to run and raise money. This is an especially important year, said Sister Mary Agnes, given that the home was established 100 years ago this September.

“This is the Race of the Century,” she said.

We strongly believe in the mission of St. Charles here at Direct Capital, and several of our employees will be running on September 2nd. Join us in supporting this great organization, and if you’re around on September 2nd, sign up for the race!