The Q2 Stretch Run Begins Now

Q2 Business
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If you’re like many small businesses across the country, you divide your business year into quarters. We’re rapidly coming up on the end of the second one.

The second quarter covers spring and early summer, and carries many small businesses into the busiest season of the year, the time when they stand to make money off of tourists and those out enjoying the warmer weather. For those reasons, it’s important to close out the second quarter with a bang and lead into a productive third quarter.

What can you do to ensure a productive Q2 for your small business? Here’s a couple of tips:

  • Embrace the warm weather. Put out new signs, advertising and marketing designed to pull in as many interested customers as possible. This is especially important if you get a lot of foot traffic.
  • Get summer help if you need it. This is around the time of year when high school and college students begin looking for work, and you can cheaply supplement your work force to tackle some major projects.

How will you ensure you close out Q2 in style?

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