The Legend Of The McRib And More November 3 Franchise News

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Our weekly franchise news roundup follows.

The Success Story Of The McRib

There’s an old saw about absence making the heart grow fonder. McDonald’s may have come up with it.

The McRib may be a frightening mix of chemicals and the unknowable innards of nature’s noble pig, but it’s also a delicious one. Its hold on the American imagination is one that shows no signs of abating. Inc. thinks it knows why.

As good as a product is, it rarely achieves mythic status if it is around all the time. Everyone loves a Big Mac, but nobody’s desperately hunting them down by driving state-to-state. No, what makes the McRib so special is that it’s always offered for a limited time, at particular locations, and it never stays for long. What might be a tasty treat otherwise has become a legend.

There’s a lesson to be learned here: If you have something you know is good but might have a seasonal appeal or just be unfeasible to produce all the time, try taking a page out of the McRib book. With a little sly promotion and a lot of limited time offer language, you may just be able to create your own phenomenon.

Restaurants, Don’t Outsource Your Social Media

Sage advice from a Domino’s franchisee who has been there:

Any brand competitor that enters the game now outsources too much. They aren’t doing it themselves, so it lacks authenticity. Someone that has already been doing it has a voice for customers. Fans of the brand want the brand to hug them back, and when it gets outsourced it’s not exactly like a robot answering them back, but there’s no love in the message.

I’m on board with this message. Chances are that you can craft at least a competent social media strategy with the employees you have on hand. If you can’t, bring someone in, but make it one of your people. You’ll save money over the long haul and have control over what’s going out. That’s critically important to restaurants, which have an image to cultivate.

Section 179 Benefits Dwindling

It could be the beginning of the end for Section 179 tax breaks, which have helped many, many businesses. Learn more.

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