The Best Holiday Gifts for Small Business Owners

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Treat Yourself to These Gifts This Holiday Season

Among the many things you’ve done this year, buying yourself or your business something new probably hasn’t been one of them. As a business owner, you work hard all year long to ensure your employees and customers remain happy, leaving little time to think about yourself. Well, the holidays are the perfect way to not only give to others, but to yourself as well.

So whether you are a business owner and are looking to indulge, or you are looking to buy a gift for that special business owner in your life, Direct Capital can help.

We’ve recently written about ways small business owners can manage their stress levels during the holidays. One of those ways is to spend money on the business as it will significantly improve the efficiency in which day-to-day activities are completed leaving less for you – the business owner – to worry about.

So with the holidays full speed ahead, now is the time to make the investment in your business and in yourself.

  1. New Apple Laptop or Desktop: In the technology space, things like computers are constantly going out of style. The gift of a computer with upgraded software, a faster hard drive, and a more compact look is exactly what you need. We suggest an Apple computer because they now offer financing on their products for small businesses. This time of year especially it’s important to take advantage of any and all savings you can!
  2. POS System: We know – it probably wasn’t at the top of your list, but think of everything it will do for your business now and after the busy season. POS systems make managing transactions for you and your staff easy and allow you to better track your inventory. Also, take the pressure off scheduling hassles and let a POS system with a built-in time clock handle it for you.
  3. The Tile: Ever heard of it? It’s a neat new piece of technology that will help even the busiest business owner find whatever it is they keep looking for. You’re busy and probably do ten things at once most days. A Tile will help you keep track of everything from your keys to your wallet to that notes-filled notebook you just can’t lose (but accidentally leave everywhere you go). You attach the Tile to the object you don’t want to lose and then use the iPhone or Android app to track it. It will show you a map of where it is and you just have to find your way there.
  4. Square: If you do a lot of business on-the-go, you may consider getting yourself one of these handy gadgets. In essence, the Square allows you to take credit card payments on your smartphone or tablet. The customer signs on the touch screen and a receipt can be provided simply through email or text message. The device itself is free to purchase, but you do get charged 2.75% per transaction.
  5. Handheld Video Camera: It sounds a bit out of date, doesn’t it? These days, many people can just take photos and video with their cell phone. However, if you are looking to extend your marketing or outreach efforts into the video space, you should really have a high quality camera to do the handy work. There are too many options out there for us to pick from – so simply research what it is you’re looking for and you’ll find exactly what you need.
  6. Bluetooth Headset: As a business owner, your phone probably rings a lot during the day so answering your phone when you’ve left the office may not sound ideal. Still, having a Bluetooth headset is a great way to ensure you are always connected just in case. What if you’re on the road and an emergency comes up at the office? Or if you’re walking to a business meeting with coffee in one hand, and your briefcase and breakfast in the other and the phone rings? You can never be too prepared.
  7. Office Furniture: There have likely been items on your to-do list more pressing than buying new furniture for your office, but why not take advantage now? It can be as simple as upgrading to more comfortable chairs or as complex as redoing the décor for an entire room. Whatever it is that you’ve been dreaming about having in your office, wrap it up and put a bow on it for yourself this holiday season.

Take some time this holiday season to treat yourself and your business – you deserve it.

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