The Art Of Tracking Down A Good Small Biz Adviser

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Running your own business is daunting. It’s little wonder that many small business owners turn to advisers and experts to get them through the hard times and prepare them for the better days.

How do you find an adviser that is exceptional, and isn’t just an inept charlatan with a nice office? That’s the tricky part, because truly fantastic advisers don’t grow on trees.

Thankfully, the invaluable Intuit has seven quality tips for helping you find one. As always, you’ll want to give the full article a read (and then come back here!), but I’ve compiled three of the most valuable pieces here.

  1. Check credentials. You know the classic movie and television trope of suspicious residents asking to see badges before they let police or the FBI into their homes? Consider a very loose version of that when you’re looking for an adviser. Either look in their office for relevant degrees or ask to see any business coaching certifications they have. It’s not a lock that you’ll get a good one based on that alone, of course, but it doesn’t hurt.
  2. Get targeted help. A small business adviser can be very good and still ultimately be useless to your particular business, especially if you occupy one of the nooks and crannies of the world. If you have specialized products or services, try to get an adviser who has a grasp on your industry.
  3. Referrals. If you have friends or fellow small business owners who have had success with an adviser, ask them for a referral. We all feel more comfortable with someone we know or at least a good recommendation, so strive to get one.

You can also check out support and education groups, such as Chuck Blakeman’s 3to5 Club. But the individual attention an adviser can give you might be the difference between hanging in there and bringing your business to new heights. That’s why this article deserves all the weight you can give it.

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