The Art of Gauging Customer Happiness

How to Determine Customer Happiness
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How do you know that your customers are happy?

If you’re pointing to ten glowing testimonials against only two vehement complaints, you’re missing the point. The bulk of your customers—that sea of silence, as I like to call it—buy your products and never raise their voices or fire off an e-mail to tell you what they truly think of your company. It is that majority you must know more about.

Getting there requires a willingness to suck it up and ask, to some degree. You have to be willing to monitor your reputation online and take steps to repair it, should it become damaged. And you should always encourage those less comfortable with attaching their names to comments to give you anonymous feedback.

The result is that you’ll draw out customers who would never otherwise think of telling you how they really feel, which gives you a better idea of how your base perceives your company. If you have a high number of customers who praise you, you’re probably doing okay in your marketing and customer connection efforts. If it’s an unusually low number, well, it might be time to make changes to your approach.

What’s important is that you know where customers stand and you can react to them. How do you do that in the here and now?

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